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4 thoughts on “Michael – Pose 1

  1. You are a Beautiful man indeed! I like much you have (at least, seemingly) either photoshoped your lips or put on some makeup for posing –or both things. In any case, this mouth is…, well, extremely kissable. Congratulations ✨✨


    1. I’m honored that this even remotely resembles a photo-like work. This image, along with most of my visuals, is actually 3D digital art. I try to create these to resemble the source model (myself in this case) but may have taken a little liberty to embellish my cock. The lips though are accurately scaled and good for many things… πŸ˜‰πŸ”₯


      1. I thought it was a digitally edited actual photography! So, you are really skillful in your artwork. If you embellish your cock or any other body part in it, it seems OK to me. I use makeup and (sometimes) false eyelashes, and I tuck my pee (I do not like to name it a cock, and in any case is quite smallish) in real life when I wear swimsuites or tight clothes, so I understand perfectly.


        1. Thank you for the artwork feedback, Li ☺️I’ve been working at really hard for the last few years and it is coming along. Appreciate the cock-pee situation too. Hope your having a great day 😊


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