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My favorite subject and passion is women. As I have lived, loved, and reflected; a subtle awareness is beginning to set in on me. There is something about my sexual history and fantasies that calls for me to understand it all on a deeper level. Join me for a sensual, thoughtful, and at times very naughty journey of self discovery. While the details of our paths will vary, you may discover that my overarching journey is quite similar to yours.

Areas of exploration (the categories):

Cuckolding – This is one of my favorites sexual fantasies. I have numerous posts devoted to the psychological drives of cuckolding. I also have a nice collection of stories from personal experiences. If you are a fan of cuckolding, I have a lot to offer.

American Gigolo – This is a series of true erotic stories and psychological meanderings about my burning desire for women. This stands as the polar opposite to my cuckold fantasy. I live both sides which makes it a quintessential Dionysian experience.

Yumi – Yumi is an ongoing series (10 or so posts) about a woman I initially met during a waxing appointment. It evolved into much, much more. It is a story that resonates with many women and is one of my most popular series.

Digital Art – I enjoy illustrating my works with digital art.  Some of these are only presented in the posts. Periodically, I’ll pull some out and feature them in galleries. You can find those galleries in the Digital Art category.

Videos –  My videos are pinnacle creative experiences for me. I typically use my own digital art, video clips, and music to tell a story that I’m deeply connected to. Hopefully, this transfers to your viewing experience as well.

Exhibitionism – Another naughty kink. I have posts exploring the psychology of this kink and also several personal experiences where I have indulged in this kink along with lovers that shared the same desire.

Sensual Shadows – Sensual Shadows began as a blog I once shared with Sienna, a past love. I am recreating that blog here as I share those stories and then tell the rest of the story. It is a journey of passionate love, exhibitionism, fantasy, submission, and interracial cuckolding. It is going to be a hot one!

Dionysus (Psychology) – I am fascinated by the psychological allure of archetypes…patterns of human thoughts and dreams that have remained relatively constant across the ages and are found in all cultures. Names and places change but the dreams remain the same. The Greek god, Dionysus, is one such archetype. The psychological force of Dionysus resonates deeply within me. The calling has been so strong across my years that I now believe it is the once unknown archetype that I have been driving towards when it comes to women. It has shaped my dreams, my aspirations as a lover, fantasies, and partially defined my life experience…especially my relationships and sexuality.

Touched – This is a series devoted to talented writers who have felt an inspired reaction to my digital art or stories. For those willing to share these reactions, I will post or reblog them on The Dionysian Experience.

Welcome to The Dionysian Experience ~ Michael


56 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you so much for exploring a few posts and taking a moment to comment. I’m flattered you enjoyed your visit ☺️ Look forward to exploring more of yours as well.😊


  1. I cannot believe I have finally found YOU, again, Michael!!! This is Desiree from the now closed Sea of Desire. Of course, most know me as Dana, now. You have no idea how many times I have wondered what happened to you and Sienna. And when I saw your blog today and saw the post from BK …. my heart started pounding and I had tears in my eyes!!!!! I have so missed you! Don’t be alarmed if I do a marathon reading of your blog very soon!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Desiree (Dana)!!! 🙂 Wow, once again I was drawn to your blog and didn’t even know it was you! I requested access to your old blog and tried to find you. 🙂 This blog is more expansive than Sensual Shadows but I will be reposting a lot of those and continuing the story of the moment we were building to… You know, the BIG fantasy! 😉 So glad we are connected again and look forward to catching up with you. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


      1. Although I was curious about the fantasy, I was more worried about you and Sienna. I was afraid that the fantasy resulted in the end of you two! Christmas was crazy busy with my guys — finally enjoying some time of rest and recovery!
        Yay!!! Big hugs to reconnecting with such a talented and dear friend!! My Christmas present! Smiles. Now on to read your blog!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Awww thank you for such an awesome message! 🙂 I have definitely missed interacting with you and enjoying your writings. I Hope you have an awesome New Year’s Eve and a magical 2016! Toast and BIGGGG Hug!!!


  2. Hello – such an amazing blog – thank you for ‘liking’ my words… and photograph this morning! i should love to accept your above invitation to join you on your journey – as i hope you join me on mine… what an amazing world we live in – if we only open our hearts and minds – j

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  3. Michael, I haven’t seen you in ages and wondered what happened with you. It’s nice to find you again and see that, once again, you are doing amazing work. I hope all is well with you

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  4. Hello, Michael. Thank you for following me. I’ve been exploring your site with great curiosity. I believe I’m actually slightly dizzy! So much to take in… I hope you’re a patient man. I feel a million questions forming!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mari, thanks so much for visiting 🙂 It can be a lot to take in at once… Home page navigation has all the posts with a short description. Some are sexy, some a little deeper. The video and audio posts are always fun for quickies. Hope you enjoy your visit. I will be patiently awaiting and anticipating any insights or questions you have to share. 🙂😊


      1. You are a caution, Michael! I think I shall ignore the caution signs, though, and enjoy whatever juicy wetness is encountered.

        Thank you for the writing compliment. I’m finally comprehending my writing abilities and it is a humbling process.

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  5. Hello, Michael! I’ve enjoyed watching you and Aurora flirt with each other! 😉 She said I had to come see you and I completely trust her opinion, so I’m sure I will enjoy your blog! My primary blog is, ahem… pretty tame, but I’ve recently started a second, edgier blog with two of my friends. Perhaps I’ll follow you from there as well. Anyway, so very nice to meet you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Grace! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind note. Aurora is a frisky girl and temptress…I seem to be helpless against her spell, ha! I enjoy the edgier explorations and would love to follow your tame and edgy blogs. Any friend of Aurora’s is a friend of mine, and I’m looking forward exploring your work. It is a pleasure to meet you. 🙂


  6. Hey Micheal, I hope you are doing great, I was just wondering if you got my response from that comment you sent me? I deleted the post and thought probably you hadn’t read my response yet.

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    1. Hi Beautiful 😘 I’ve been a little behind but really looking forward to catching up 😀 I saw your reply and LOVED it 💖. I’ll connect again later today…hope you had a great weekend 🙂


    1. I really appreciate this comment. While I do write erotica, I also explore relationships, love, psychology, and sprinkle in a little digital art and photography. Sensuality and beauty (in all forms) are always top of mind. I may on occasion have a few “edgier” posts but I try to ensure that edge is balanced out by more tasteful creations. Thanks again for visiting. 🙂


    1. Thank you for visiting, Sasha 🙂 Hope you’ll take time to explore a few posts when you return. Always a treat for me when artists stop by. I dabble a bit in digital art to illustrate my writing and enjoy that element of the creative process as well. 🙂😊


  7. I would like to know how much of what you write is reality please. I was trying to email you privately. I am not trying to disengage your readers. I simply would like to know for my own edification. Please and thank you. M.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi M, all of my stories are true. My blog is part erotic (true stories) and partly a quest for deeper meaning against the backdrop of my experience with women and love. Sorry for slow reply, been away for a few weeks.


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