The majority of my writing and artwork is in some way connected to my exploration of sexual psychology and the deeper meaning behind my sexuality and relationships with women.

Pink Submission is a post that originated in the earliest days on my blog before being closed down several times. Female submission was (and is) is form of sexual play I enjoy. It can come with me being in the more dominant role or, in cuckold play, seeing my lover being submissive to another man.

When it comes to cuckolding the lines have sometimes become blurred, but I see it clearly now. While I may enjoy a bit of erotic humiliation play, Femdom isn’t an erotic driver for me. I explore these types of sexual play and my personal preferences in the posts Erotic Humiliation and Cuckolding vs. Femdom. Hope you will check them out.

When it comes to power play, it is all about Pink Submission. This gallery is devoted to digital art I have created over the years and pieces for upcoming posts that tap into this state of mind.