In 2013 – 2014, I shared a blog titled Sensual Shadows with Sienna. We used this blog as one way to stayed connected across our long-distance relationship. We wrote about our love, sexual fantasies, and naughty experiences. Eventually, at Sienna’s request, we pulled back from blogging and much of our story was left unfinished…until now.

Gently Removing Sienna’s Mask is the second in a three-part series I consider to be “origin” story of how Sienna and I met and fell in love. All three are available here:

I hope you enjoy this next update to Sensual Shadows. ~ Michael

Gently Removing Sienna’s Mask

Across the room, I saw her. What I felt at that instant was something so powerful I can feel the sensation like it happened today. It was as if I was in the presence of a Goddess. I asked the guy next to me if he knew her? “Who, Sienna? Yeah, good luck with that one!” he laughed.

Sienna - Blouse 3

Sienna was standing in the center of the picnic area having a conversation. I was looking at the most beautiful woman in the world. Sienna is a breathtaking sight to behold. I savor beautiful sunsets and sunrises, panoramic mountain views, and star-filled heavenly nights. None of these remotely compared to what I experienced looking at Sienna. Her long, blonde hair and blue eyes certainly pulled me in. Sienna’s incredibly tone figure and sexy curves were beautifully accented with fashionable stylings drew me in deeper. But, there was more…so much more that cast me into a dreamy haze.

I remember the thoughtful expression in her eyes and her face as she spoke with others. Her smile seemed so warm and sincere. Her hands and gestures flowed with sensual grace…sparkles of light seemed to be radiating around her. I could sense her inner tempo and spirit as she flowed beautifully and sensually. It is a lot absorb in one glance, but I felt it. Sienna seemed to have such depth that I was now aching to explore. While clearly experiencing a somewhat emotional reaction, there was also an equally compelling physical reaction that I was struggling to hide from public view.  Yeah, I wanted to fuck her and…I wanted more.

Sienna - Blouse 2

As a matter of self preservation, I work hard at avoiding workplace romances and didn’t approach her. I only acknowledged my reaction and reluctantly yielded to my self-imposed restraint. Over a year would pass without me ever making an overt move to ask her out. We didn’t work in the same state and would only see each other a few times a year at meetings. Each time I saw her though, the same physical and emotional response gripped me. I couldn’t seem to shake her from my thoughts.

When we did briefly connect at meetings, our conversations often centered around fitness. We both enjoyed a physically active lifestyle and enjoyed hearing about one another’s training and upcoming events. I somehow managed to get through these moments despite feeling like I couldn’t form complete sentences around her. It was as if there were circles of light running between and through us…it was electric. There was something magical happening, but she was so hard to read. Was she feeling the same way?

Sienna - Masked

Sienna didn’t make it easy on me. She wore just enough of a protective mask that I couldn’t see or get to that next level with her. Beyond breaking my self-imposed restriction on dating people I work with, I really didn’t have anything tangible to loose. I don’t know…it isn’t like me to act like this. I guess I was worried about coming on too strong or, perhaps, overstepping professional lines. Her perception of me mattered. I never wanted her to see me as one in the endless stream of men hitting on her and trying to get in her panties. If she shot me down, I would join that long line. Still, there was something here that felt too powerful to ignore.

Time passed and we no longer worked at the same company. By chance, our paths crossed again at a professional society meeting and the light show was still firing around us. During a slow day at the conference I was coming off an elevator to go out for a run. Sienna was waiting to get on the elevator.

Sienna - Blouse 4 (half baked)

We randomly ended up at the same bank of elevators. I was waiting to get on and you were hustling off for a run. Michael, your gaze slid over me like a veil of fire. You ignited my deepest desires with that one single glance…I so wanted to join you! I decided right then…. WE will Be! ❤❤❤❤❤ – Sienna

I remember seeing Sienna as I came off the elevator. Once again, we had a brief conversation that left me dazed. I recall beating myself up about how ridiculous I must have sounded and kicking myself for not being able to form complete sentences when she was close to me. As I set off on my run, I could feel her running with me…running through my thoughts and pulling at my soul. I could feel and see our story in her eyes. Fortunately, the meeting still had a few days left and I was hopeful that I would have a chance to rally and get myself together. This could very well be my last opportunity to finally remove Sienna’s mask.

The next evening I was relaxing near the bar with a small group of colleagues. Through other forces at play, Sienna found her way to this bar and was folded into our little group. This was it…my last opportunity. I locked her down in conversation pretty quickly. I wasn’t going to give the other men any glimmer of hope with Sienna. The larger conversation in the group soon began to evolve on plans for heading out to a pub outside the hotel. I could sense the other guys’ excitement about the prospect of Sienna joining us but she wasn’t so sure about it. I focused in and asked her to come out with us…emphasizing that I wanted to spend more time with her. She made me promise I wouldn’t leave her alone and let me know I was the only reason she was going. Wow.

Sienna wanted to go up to her room to change, and I decided it might be a good idea to do the same. After freshening up, I left my room and hopped on the elevator. A few floors down, the elevator stopped and Sienna entered. Is this destiny, or what? She looked fantastic and her tight stretchy jeans showing off her long, tone legs and perfect ass. The high heels took it to a whole new level of hotness! Yes, I was drooling. Just a minute earlier or later and we would have come down separately. Arriving on the first floor together, we wandered around looking for the group and soon found ourselves away from the lobby…and alone.

We talked about our passion for exercise and the almost spiritual feeling we sometimes experience during extended endurance-type workouts. The topic made an important shift when we discussed how this same passion and spirituality is missing in other areas of our life. We went deeper and shared what we valued in relationships and the disappointment in not finding it. After years of just scratching at the surface, we were finally connecting on a deeper level. We shared similar desires, but could we…would we find this in each other. Slowly and gently, I was removing Sienna’s mask.

Sienna - Masked 2 v3

Our ever deepening conversation is interrupted as the group finds us and we are swept up in the hustle for taxis.

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