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When I think of words to describe Sienna, many come to mind: gorgeous, divine, sensual, naughty, dreamy, and hypnotizing are just a few. I once described sensing her spiritual presence while hiking and taking photos deep in the Mountain of Dreams:

“Your beauty spans time and transforms with the seasons. With each glance, I struggle to breathe as you fill my eyes with wild wonder and passion’s fire burns in my soul. In my eyes, you are divine and infinite. Your sweeping curves are kissed by heavenly light and surely a gift from above. As you are revealed and open wide before me, your wetness is a gushing river. Your sensuality is a smooth, deep lake. You are layered and exquisite…so much more than a fleeting glance can take in and appreciate. You deserve close, deep, and endless exploration to discover and unfold all of your beauty.” ~ Michael

The rest of this tribute to Sienna is available in the Mountain of Dreams.

Sienna and I were a sensual, passionate, and sexually adventurous couple that once shared a portion of our journey on a blog called Sensual Shadows. Our relationship was powerful and transcendent. It was real. It was magic. It was kinky. Relationship aside, my presentation of Sensual Shadows was an incredibly satisfying creative endeavor. It tapped into something deep within me that needed to be released…and still does.

I’m excited for Sensual Shadows to once again see the light of day as an ongoing series here on The Dionysian Experience. What can you expect from this series?

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I’ll leave you with two testimonials. The first is from BK (a follower of Sensual Shadows) who left the forever fascinating “Love-Lust Toast”. The second comes from Sienna with the last comment she ever left on Sensual Shadows.

Michael & Sienna: A Love-Lust Toast

More than Romeo and Juliet’s love and immersed in the depths of true love-lust perfection, never was there a story more powerful than that of Michael and his Sienna. They are two beautiful individuals that through their Love are in the prime of delving into and exploring the Lustful arena.

Sienna, you are confident, liberated, and strongly in touch with your inner-slut. You and Michael bless us–the voyeur–with the privilege of partaking and sharing our deeply aesthetic, erotic, and lascivious appreciation of your magnificent feminine form and beauty. The more Michael shares any part of you in this lewd fashion, the more we evolve towards a greater sense of experiencing our own sublime consciousness and attain some semblance of saintly bliss.

Michael, you are a great man. We salute you for winning the love of such a beautiful creature. We congratulate you for every time you look at her, stroke her cheek, kiss those succulent lips, and every time you make love to and fuck the rough out of her till you are completely spent and gently rest yourself upon her naked, sweating, heaven-sent body. Our hands are clapping and we applaud the magnanimous, highly-charged affinity you have with your inner beast. We raise our wine glasses in your honor like a toast to the gods for allowing us to share, in whatever way you choose, the deeply aesthetic, erotic, and lascivious appreciation of your very own woman.

Michael & Sienna, you are like prophets to a new state of loving in our hyper-modern world. The glamorous nature of your physical form together with the intelligent, witty, sharp-mindedness that characterize your blog may very well popularize a new lifestyle.

Michael, rest assured that by sharing your conquests, dominance, and fantasies of Sienna, you free us to imagine what it would be like to touch and taste her. We are thereby allowed to commune on a limited basis with the divine as we savor the bodily and spiritual parts of us that are intensely aroused with the deepest affection for your Sienna. You thereby release our spirit into the world and remind us to breathe, and help us to be.

Sienna, your dance sequence in the “I Believe” video…what can I say? Your legs are wide open for the whole world to see. You compel us to stare wantonly as you orgasm before us while we imagine our hands upon you. Each set of hands belong to an anonymous lover that desires to caress away your tears and fears and bring you to a state of streaming, unbridled orgasms.

Michael, you are the conductor of the biggest orchestra performing a piece of art for all eternity…. – BK

Erotic Magic and Splendor

Sienna’s final comments on Sensual Shadows:

Sienna – I was in Our Sensual Shadows last night and so enjoyed walking down memory lane. I felt the power of our divine love and connection…so many beautiful moments. You created such an amazing place for us to enjoy and celebrate our love. I miss you and miss US! 

Michael – Baby, it means a lot knowing you returned and still felt us. This was always the intent. It was truly magical and something we created together.

Sienna – No Baby, you were the architect. I just showed up and you created a new world of erotic magic and splendor all around me!

Friends, I hope you enjoy your stroll through my Sensual Shadows. As your personal guide, I encourage you to dress appropriately…or undress. She was a Naughty Angel and the journey is going to be a hot one. ~ Michael

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