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It has been almost three years since I first started writing about Yumi. For those of you that are still with me, I hope you have savored the journey as much as I have. If this is your first exposure to Yumi, I’d suggest taking some time to read the full story and get to know the soul of this special woman. Without the context of our journey, this particular update (while hot) may feel like just another sex story. Yumi is so much more than “just sex”. You can find the entire Yumi series (in reverse chronological order) here – Yumi.

When Yumi – Deep Inside ended, I was sitting up on the massage table with Yumi pulled back against me. She had recently confessed to wanting to go further with me…to have me inside her. This confession was a loooong time coming and huge step for Yumi. I was on cloud nine just knowing she wanted to see me in private and, after our long delicate dance, was finally ready to be taken. However, she had been adamant that our first time would have to be away from her spa.

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Welcome to Yumi – Take My Soul.

Yumi isn’t going to fuck me in her spa. No way. She has made this crystal clear over past visits. I know the limits. I get a wild thought that Yumi might enjoy feeling my cock pressed between her thighs and sliding along the outside of her soaked pussy. This would be hot tease for both of us and stoke passion’s flame for our next visit outside the spa.

Musical accompaniment: Thievery Corporation – Take My Soul

I press my cock down under her ass and in between her legs. She parts her legs slightly as I ease between her thighs. I anticipate her resistance and having to explain what I’m doing, but there is none. I feel the burning, wet heat of her soft petals as they spread and coat my vine with her nectar. I can’t believe I have Yumi in this position…it has taken soooo long to get here. I guide her hand down so she can feel my throbbing heat and wet tip.

Yumi’s legs begin to softly tremble as she slides along the top of my cock. The sensation and excitement of this moment after such a long build up is too much. I was fooling myself to think I could just tease her and control my desire. There is a force beyond me that is taking over. My eyes are ablaze and I’m losing control…engulfed in the erotic whirlwind…feeling wild and bestial.

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In the midst of the fiery haze, it dawns on me that Yumi had no idea what my intentions were with this move. She had to think I might be entering her from behind and all she did was slightly part her legs to give me access. Has all resistance has faded? Is she ready to be taken…here in her spa with a dozen women getting manicures on the other side of our wall?

She has fought me every step of the way. I should have walked away long ago, but I couldn’t. Yumi was a journey I had to take. I had to know how it ends. She has become goddess-like in my eyes. Her beauty and sensual spirit are captivating. There is also great sadness within her. As a little girl in a far away eastern world, she dreamed of love. As a woman, her dreams have faded…trapped in a marriage with a man that treats her like a servant. Yet, with the energy flowing between us, there seems to be a rekindling of this light in her eyes.

Throughout our journey, I have described Yumi as a flower aching to spread her petals or a butterfly coming through a metamorphosis and ready to spread her wings. At the same time, I have had conflicting visions of Geisha dancing through my dreams. Together, these dreams have left with me with visions of the quintessential naughty angel archetype swirling through my thoughts.

I have often wondered how she see me? She has given me glimpses in her broken English when she says I look like a movie star or says, “You so handsome.” She has called me a “bad boy” and “so crazy”…something of a tempter if you will. Of course, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know Dionysus was the original bad boy (among other traits) and is an archetypal current my energy seems to flow towards. I tried capture the vibe of our erotic buildup in the popular video – Dionysus Calling.

Yumi’s hand is now massaging my dripping cock and soaking me in her hot, silky juices. I am at the gates of heaven but angelic is not how I’m feeling. I didn’t think today would be the day but any notion of self restraint has burned away and left me emblazoned in passion’s wild fire. There will be no waiting until next time to claim my Asian flower. No, I’m going to fuck Yumi…in her spa…right now.

I wrap my left arm around her waist so she can’t pull away and press my plump head upward and into silky lips. My heart is pounding as the heat of her lips and the resistance of her tight innocence meet my primal, hedonistic invasion. I feel the sensation of my head compressing then releasing as it enters her hot gates and flares…wild, full, and dripping…eager to claim more of Yumi’s temple. I will never forget how amazing this exact moment feels…to be inside Yumi for the first time. Magical is an understatement.

This transcendent sensation is met with an abrupt *smack!* as Yumi’s right hand grabs my hip. I’m startled! Did I read this wrong? Is she grabbing and bracing, or is she saying no? Her hands move around frantically as her nails dig into my stomach and hips. Is it too much for her? Does she want more? I grab her wrists and pull them up against her chest as I hold her close without moving any deeper inside her. I can feel her shaking and her heart is pounding. “Shhhh, shhhh, shhhh…easy. It’s okay, Yumi. It’s okay.”

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I hold her close as I tweak her nipples and slowly place one hand on her neck. I want her to feel swept way…taken. I ease my cock ever so slowly back and forth inside her. “Feels good, yes?” Yumi is still swirling, “Yes. You so big. Gentle for me.”

I don’t walk around in the world thinking I’m hung like a bull. Each woman has her own history of sexual experiences and references. Pussies, like cocks, also come in different sizes. Clearly though, I’m not what she used to. Easing a little deeper inside Yumi’s secret garden, she again grabs at my hip as if to protect herself from me suddenly plundering the depths of her tight fortress. Her concern is legitimate because this is exactly what I want to do. The wild energy exploding within me is like a primal awakening and takes everything I have to contain it. I am absolutely aching to pin her down and pound her pussy! And, I want more.

I want to take Yumi to a place she has never known. I want her to feel the passion, love, and overwhelming emotion that once existed only in her wildest fantasies. I want to touch her soul. In doing so, I will fulfill the promise of the rose to Yumi. Standing up and moving off the massage table, I spin Yumi around and bend her over the table. Her amazingly round little ass is arched upward with her tight pussy stretched tight around the tip of my straining cock.

Oh how I have fantasized about this moment and can’t believe it is happening! The view is…divine. Her surrender and submission is transcendent. Mine.

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I squeeze her ass and hips as I ease more and more of my heavy manhood inside her hot, silky sleeve. Yumi turns her head to the side as she struggles…her mouth is open wide as if in shock or perhaps transported to another realm. Her eyes are glassy and dreamy. Is it pleasure or shame she feels…maybe one feeds the other?

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She extends one hand back against me and presses desperately against my hip and lower stomach to control the penetration. She had always been so worried and often teased that I would “break her”. This concern may have been real because she is struggling. This only makes me want to fuck her harder, but I fight the urge. One day she will know what it feels like when I let go…fully.

I place my hand over hers to soothe her. She’s dripping wet, but I’m sure she is scared and feeling very emotional about being with another man. I lean in close with soft, hungry kisses on her cheek and temple as I ease more of my weight onto to her. I want to feel the fire of our skin. In a low, deep voice, I whisper how beautiful she is and how amazing she feels as I work more of my essence deep inside her. Inch by inch I’m sinking into Yumi’s depths…touching places her husband has never reaches and spaces deep inside she never knew existed – literally and figuratively.

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I need to be careful because I am EXTREMELY aroused. I have good control of my orgasms, but it would totally suck if I lost that control today. Her hands are still busy clutching on anything she can grab as I slowly fuck her. I’m still not balls deep and desperately want to feel my entire cock wrapped inside her silky folds. I want Yumi to feel every inch…of my love.

I pull her up off the table while grabbing a breast in each hand and pull her tight against my body. My hips move inward and upward to give Yumi my full measure. She grasps desperately at my forearms. She gives me a muffled, “Oh My God!” I like how some phrases seem to translate so easily in English. I push upward and into her even deeper…I want her to feel my presence in her chest…in her heart.

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With each thrust, I have the distinct sensation my cock causing Yumi’s body to rise off the floor. I wonder if she is also rising emotionally? Her heels make tapping noises as they touch the ground between my slow, deep thrusts. Yumi is now frantically grasping at the back of my head and clutching my hair…grasping for anything to release the tension. My cock feels so long, thick and powerful…so deep inside Yumi. She is beside herself releasing whispered moans, “Oh my god…oh my god! Michael!”

Yumi is going crazy. I’m not far behind. Her hands continue to frantically grasp at my hands, arms, and head as I softly grip her neck. I grip her neck more firmly and ask, “Does that feel good?” “Yes,” she says. I squeeze her neck even tighter. I whisper breathily in ear, “Your pussy feels so good, Yumi. You like my big cock deep inside you, don’t you? Cum for me Yumi…cum all over me.” I am absolutely devouring her and she is loving it.

I continue to lift her off the ground with each upward thrust..at times holding her up in the air while and bouncing her up and down on my manhood. I can sense she is rising towards an orgasm. “Cum for me Yumi, cum.” Soon, she begins to shake and spasm, “I’m doing it…Michael…Michael…it happening….oh my god…OH…MY…GOD!!!” As Yumi’s release subsides, she falls quiet and limp in my arms as if impaled on my cock.

I release my grip on her neck and the pressure around chest as I slowly let her down so her feet touch the ground. I drape her across the massage table in her post-orgasmic haze. She isn’t done. I turn her head to the side, “Look at me Yumi.” Her eyes open as I continue moving inside her. Her long lashes float like dreamy butterfly wings. Her eyes are moist, sparkling pools of quiet fire. “How does it feel?” She struggles to speak between my slow, deep thrusts and her eyes are slightly rolling, “Soooo….sooo…good. You so amazing!”

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I grab her ponytail and push down on her back as I press into the table. I feed my own naughty thoughts as I work towards my crescendo. “I own Yumi’s pussy now. Mine!” With that thought, I grab her hips and begin to fuck her like I own her. My cock is so wet, veiny, and glistening…her sweet pink forming a tight “O” ring…stretching and hugging my thickness. Yumi’s sexy ass is all there for me to squeeze, handle, and savor as I drive powerfully into her surrender…my heavy balls swinging and smacking against her clit.

My legs begin to shake as my balls load. I’m close. I lean down again so she can again feel my weight, the heat of my body, and the deep sound of my whispering voice. Once again, I grip her neck. “Yumi, I going to cum.” She opens her eyes, “Michael…Yes…push in me…I want you push in me.”

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My thrusting intensifies…crossing the point of no return. My ass clinches as I bury my cock deep in Yumi’s pussy. She is once again clutching my hips. Now, it is to prevent me from backing out. She wants to feel me explode inside her. My legs are shaking like crazy as I finally erupt with white-hot lights flashing before my eyes! Each pulse feels like long creamy ropes…pulse after heavy pulse flooding her delicate pink walls. As my primal eruption subsides, I collapse completely emptied and spent on top of Yumi’s back and nestle my face in beside hers.

I notice Yumi’s mascara is running and see tears streaming out of her eyes. She is shaking softly…and crying. “Yumi, what is it? Are you okay?” I move us around on the massage table so I can hold her tight and wait for this wave of emotion to wash through. She finally says, “Yes, so sorry. It soooo good. So good. Oh my god, so good.” The whole experience seems to have overwhelmed her and brought her to tears. I had kissed Yumi’s soul and fulfilled the promise of the rose. And, she had kissed mine.

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Yumi and I briefly savor our afterglow but we are running very late. She grabs a paper towel and wipes between her legs. After the emotional scene just moments before, this strikes me as a slightly humorous moment. I’m not sure I ever imagined seeing her naked in heels and stockings with her legs spread as she wiped my cum from her pussy with a paper towel. Somehow, she even makes this look sexy.

She looks at the towel and then me, “You did so much!” I laugh. “It’s your fault. You may need a real towel for that. I’m going to be dripping out of you for days.” Yumi smiles and says, “Days? 40 years, I hope!”

Yumi turns on the light and touches up her makeup as I dress. Before walking out the door, she comes over and places her hands on my face. Her eyes are twinkling as she looks deeply into mine. Yumi smiles and softly kisses me on the lips. “Michael, you a dangerous man.” With a mischievous smile I respond, “No Yumi, we are dangerous.” Pointing to her and then myself, “You…Me.”


I hope you enjoyed my recounting of Yumi and the sexy and emotional journey leading up to this special afternoon. As hot and intense as this was, there is still more to tell about our journey beyond the walls of her spa. In a way, this was only the beginning. Our journey becomes emotionally deeper and even hotter as Yumi fully spreads her wings and takes flight. That said, it will be a while before I continue with this journey, and I hope it is a satisfying place to pause. Just know that throughout my journey with Yumi, she was in good hands, very happy, her family life was never impacted, and she was adored..for once in her life.❤️

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