To the ancient Greeks, Dionysus represented the dancing universe and ceaseless flow of energy that unites us with one another and all the universe. To touch Dionysus was to feel emotion too powerful for the body to contain and for the rational mind to understand. Through this loss of control, we are transported to another realm and, for a moment, have stepped outside ourselves and become one with nature and the universe. In this moment, we experience transcendent, divine ecstasy.

As the god inversion, reversal, and opposites; Dionysus was light and darkness, joy and agony. He was the edge of self and beyond. He was heaven, and he was hell. To deny Dionysus and divine ecstasy was to invite madness.

In the epic struggle of two Greek archetypes–Dionysus and Apollo–we are left with world a ruled by Apollo. It is a world built on thinking, logic, progress, control, and predictability. We fear loss of control and, by definition, deny ourselves the transcendent Dionysian experience. In its place, we fill our lives with superficial experiences…much like junk food for our soul. We consume more and more experiences to fill the void, but it is never enough. In a sense, we are left with a form of divine madness–addictive behavior. One way or another, the Dionysian archetype will not be denied.

About the video: I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading on Dionysus in my journey for deeper meaning and understanding. It dawned on me that Yumi (the beautiful woman I have been sharing a multi-part series about) is undergoing a Dionysian experience of her own. Hope you enjoy the video ~ Michael

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