We had a special aura swirling around us during this weekend getaway. Strolling along the bustling downtown streets, it didn’t matter where we were going. Any given moment was as captivating and meaningful as our destination. Perhaps our journey was the destination.

We toured an art gallery but Sienna was the only work of art that caught my eyes and soul. I struggled to notice the world around me but was incapable of processing complete thoughts beyond our intimate, sensual space. Her presence was lifting me away from the ordinary world…what I felt around her was transcendent.

Michael & Sienna 3

Later, we slip away into a series of walkways beneath the city streets and find ourselves in what seems to be an underground mall. We are looking for just a little privacy as our hands search hungrily under one another’s clothes trying desperately to sate our burning passion. We walk hip to hip in perfect synchronicity…her hand on my hip and mine working on her perfect ass. Then, in something of a dreamlike sequence, a lady appears from around the corner and seems to float past us in slow motion. She smiles brightly as she looks at us and says “Love” as she passes by. A complete stronger with one word she felt compelled to share. This still makes me smile.

Throughout the weekend, Sienna treated me like a king…as she always does. I woke each morning with Sienna massaging my body and having me for breakfast. While she prefers her coffee black, she does love cream. I ensured she began each day filled with mine. I love the thought of her walking around with memories of our morning dripping from between her legs.

In the evenings, she would take pleasure in feeding me. During one dinner, we were seated outside and able to savor a gorgeous summer sunset and gentle breeze. I was enjoying a nice local brew while sitting beside the most beautiful woman in the world and feeling like a king. Sienna snuggles in close and wants to tend to me. She begins cutting up small bites from her plate and feeding them to me. She tends to my lips with her fingers and kisses. A gentleman walks by a few minutes later and comments, “Man, you have it made!” Sienna and I laughed. I realized then how it must look to anyone that was “people watching”. It was true though. I did have it made.

Our weekend getaway, like all our visits, ends much too quickly. All the beautiful colors that flow around and through me when I am with Sienna seem to fade and lose their vibrancy when we part. It’s like clouds floating through and muting my sun-filled, vibrant blue sky. Fortunately, the weather man is forecasting sunny Sienna days ahead.

When I first shared this post on Sensual Shadows, it featured a gallery of tastefully crafted nude photos featuring Sienna frolicking in white satin sheets. You will notice this reference below and in the comments from imported from the original version. It was an exciting moment because we both had a little exhibitionist streak running through us, and I also liked showing her off. Out of respect to Sienna, I obviously can’t share those photos here. Instead, I’ve created a few digital art pieces (used in the video) that capture the spirit of those sensual images and our vibe at that time.


Nights in White Satin 2 v2

Sienna Says:

I was just looking through the Nights in White Satin photos…they are so sensual! You have once again done an amazing job capturing the moment!!!! You have such an artistic way about you and have whisked me away to relive the moments we spent together. Today was very busy, yet I found myself lost in memories and fantasies of being with you! I miss you and miss being with you, I crave your touch and can’t wait to see you!!!!! Your loving Sienna! xoxoxoxo

Michael Muses:

Sienna is beautiful as always…the lens captures only a fraction of her beauty and sensuality.  I love the softness and sensuality of this gallery and how it hints at the memory of how our love was expressed and deepened during our time together.  These sensual memories are juxtaposed with those of me strapping Sienna face down to the bed, spanking her ass, and fucking her hard and deep as she lost control and came again and again!  The audio of this moment was captured in the post Press Play: Again…Again which occurred this same weekend.

I hope you enjoy Sienna in White Satin. I certainly do ~ Michael

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