Heavenly view of world
Heavenly View of the World

Immersed in the passionate blaze of romantic love, I wrote following tribute to Sienna when we walked as one and shared our journey on the blog, Sensual Shadows.

Jamie O’Neal, There Is No Arizona


I’m now several years removed from that time and have been on a journey of discovery and a quest for deeper meaning since then. What have I learned? I believe Mountain of Dreams is really written to what I see as the soul of a woman. It is my soul’s projection of the ideal woman…my anima. She may even be illusion but she is mine and I find her in you…the lovely women who engage with me. Thank you for giving her wings to soar and for keeping her alive🌹

Mountain of Dreams

It seems almost implausible that I could miss someone I never knew. Yet, it feels as though I knew you before I met you. I was missing you and have been looking for you all my life. I felt your presence and caught glimpses of you in the beauty of rivers, forests, mountains, and the heavens…in the flow and interconnectivity of it all with my soul. I dreamed of days and nights for which I waited, when all would be revealed.

I am drawn to you and hypnotized by your natural beauty. It isn’t a casual, fleeting sensation but one that is experienced through all my senses on a deeper level. You first appeared cloaked in a mystical haze which only belied the beauty within. It is much like the metaphorical mask we each wear that hides our mysterious inner beauty from the world. I am drawn in to explore and unfold your layers. At first, your vibrant hues and layers are hidden from view and I am met with resistance. Even in your winter facade, I know you are there…waiting to unfold and blossom in light and warmth of love.

Your beauty spans time and transforms with the seasons. With each glance, I struggle to breathe as you fill my eyes with wild wonder and passion’s flame burns in my soul. In my eyes, you are divine and infinite. Your sweeping curves are kissed by heavenly light and surely a gift from above. Revealed and open before me, your wetness is a gushing river. Your sensuality is a smooth, deep lake. You are layered and exquisite…so much more than a fleeting glance can take in and appreciate. You deserve close, deep, and endless exploration to discover and unfold all your beauty.

In my eyes and through all my senses, you embody all that is beautiful and deep in this world. I realize now that I have been making love to you my entire life. I recently returned to the place I first felt your presence. You were with me there…just as you always have been.