Snow Bunny 1

Hannah hailed from the land of the ice and snow. She was an accomplished ice skater and her body reflected her training. Her long legs were unbelievably tone and strong. It makes me laugh now, but I remember having to protect my head from the crushing squeeze of her thighs when she orgasmed during oral sex. As a matter of self preservation, I learned to brace my forearms against her inner thighs as she began to crest. Even then, I was in peril and to remain vigilant.

Hannah’s amazing bubble shaped ass was nothing but lean muscle. There was no shaking, jiggling, or squeezing handfuls of soft flesh. Her ass was so firm you could bounce a quarter off of it…seriously. Her strong base flowed into the most feminine of waists and her breasts were large, full, and heavy. She was a whole lot of woman. Taking Hannah from behind was like mounting a primal force of nature. She fucked hard and demanded the same in return. She was also incredibly sweet and sensual.

Our first meeting was a curious encounter. I was just out of college and living in an apartment. Perfect strangers at the time, Hannah knocks on my door one Saturday looking for “ice”. Instead, she found fire. I could tell our story, but I have a unique opportunity to let Hannah tell the story of Fire and Ice. What you are about to read is a letter she wrote when the world was young and we walked hand in hand.

Fire and Ice (by Hannah)

There are days that are incredible. There are days where snow falls in rounded piles much like perfectly smooth, curved breasts under a soft velvet sweater. Lush and inviting, deep and full, making you just want to pile in.

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It was one of those days where sun sparkles from the trees catch your eye and skiing between them is entirely too much fun. You pop! pop! pop! over moguls between the evergreens, catching little bites of air here and there. If you are really lucky, there is one that you pop over and drop into that is so deep and fulfilling.

I am using my muscles and it feels so good. My legs tingle with excitement and my senses are alert. From behind, I hear a swoosh and from seemingly nowhere you drop into my private, silent world. It is silent save the huffing and puffing of my lungs recovering from the last run. It is silent save the huffing and puffing of my want and throbbing anticipation. My desire is thick in the air and hangs like snow piled on the branches all around that secure your world. It blocks the wind and heightens the sound from within your very soul.

In the drift, we are adrift and tangled precariously close. Your glove is tangled in your pole strap. “Take off my glove,” and so I do. There it is, warmed uncovered Michael flesh. Your hands, your beautiful hands have such power and control over me. With a finger, you trace my face and draw an invisible line from my ear to chin. This alone makes my nipples erect and fiercely hard. It is but a tiny touch and beautiful in its simplicity. It is a tiny touch, but I burn and melt for you!

You know the power you have, you know it well. I thought I had dropped in on you the first day we met, but realize I was pulled into you then as I am now. I was scared and nervous then. Now, I never want to leave this space. My breathing grows heavy and the world drops away as you draw me near. My hair smells like it only can in the mountains. Your hands slide into the warmth of my clothes. The anticipation is killing me as you caress and lightly drift your hands over my small waist. My breasts are inviting and full for you, Michael. They are warm, soft, and waiting to feel your touch drifting over them. You reach my nipples and my back arches naturally into you as our mouths meet. Our kiss is sweet and soft at first, then urgent as we explore, taste, and want more. I can feel your desire to taste more pressing firmly against me.

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Insulated by surrounding trees, you peel through my layers to expose my soft breasts and lean me back into the supportive snow. I see fire in your hungry eyes, you are like a lion. You give me that look, that wanting look that defines us both. You uncage my inner lioness. I can smell your scent and I want it all over me. I want you to take me and mark me as yours!

You make me so wet. Just being close to you has me dripping. You could take me now and slide right in. I feel the warmth of your face against my breasts as you nibble, bite and suckle. This lights a fire in my belly and releases a river between my thighs. I am arching my hips into you begging to be taken! But you resist. Not yet. You like to make me wet and tight, swollen from orgasm, sensitive and full, perfect for your entry in the most incredible way!

You part my fabric further and expose me to the chill in the air which increases the awareness of my flesh. Sensing you near, my clitoris is hard and full. Your kitty feels the exhilaration that is present and lies pink and open for you like a spring flower in defiance of winter around us. The warmth of your mouth, the flick of your tongue, the magic in your fingers, the rhythm of your blood throbbing through your veins, and the pounding of your heart all centers on and flows through me. I am carried away on a vessel of perfection and sail interwoven with threads of intensity. I cannot contain the power of what rises within me. Your strength flashes through me and I cannot help but scream full and hard! Your technique is flawless and you know how to pull every last drop out of me. It goes on and on, the kind of orgasm that builds and builds…you seem to stop time and my orgasm lasts forever. I never want it to end.

Snow Bunny 3

Now you’ve done it. You’ve uncaged the beast that hides in my lusty soul. Once freed and under your power, I have but one desire. I want to give you tenfold what you have given me! I get to peel your clothes open now. I am hotter than hell and pink and wet all over. There is fire in my eyes and I am desperate to please you. I can’t hold back and must taste you. I am digging through your clothes and can feel you are rock hard. I expose your gorgeous belly and playfully linger there briefly. Just long enough to let your great hard cock know exactly what’s coming.

As I lay my hands on traces of your fur, you deeply gasp and rise even more. I let out a warm breath on your tip…here it comes, ohhhh, here it comes!!!! I have you in my mouth where my tongue lovingly finds each and every ridge. My lips close around you and I want you deeper and deeper! I want to feel every inch of you in my throat as I struggle wildly to reach the base of your cock and sample the delicacy of your balls. I want to hear you groaning deeply and loosing your mind as you feel and see the depths I want to reach to bring you pleasure.

I am caressing your balls and holding them safe while you are the one now arching your back and pushing your throbbing shaft down my throat. You are close, soooooo close. You fight it. You then lean me back and spear me with pleasure. Take me in the wild. I am yours! You plunge deeply into the tight, wet warmth you have created and are engulfed in the orgasmic juices rich within my walls. You drive into me and every single movement is magnified 100 times. Every last bit of me holds onto you tightly, all along your entire shaft like a million pairs of lips all wanting to kiss and massage your full strong cock. All of me wants to take all you to the place you have taken me. I manuever you onto your back.

I taste me on your lips, I find me in your mouth. My long, blonde hair circles your face as the sunshine glows through warm and dreamy. I look into your eyes. I will get you. I will make you scream and gasp for life. I will take you to the edge. I will make you want like you have never wanted before. I will make you desperate to cum and send you into a free fall of pleasure that only I can. No one will ever adore you like I do!

I taste me on your cock and it puts me in a frenzy. I smell both of us, the thick scent of mutual lust. I suck to taste both of us in full. I suck hard to get and savor every last drop of us. I suck deeply to get every inch of you inside me. I use all that I am to excite you everywhere I can and make your every response come to full boil. I focus on your breathing now, you are close, your cock is aching, you want to cum, and I can taste you now. I play with the spot under the tip, I close in from the bottom moving to the top…my hands work evenly with my lips and tongue, you are groaning now, it is gathering, it’s just seconds away. I can feel your blood loading in, you are even harder, even bigger, and are ready to burst. We are in perfect synch and you finally explode! So hot and sweet, you fill my throat, nourish my soul, and completely fulfill me. You are warm, covered with goose bumps, and spent in ecstasy. I keep on sucking your beautiful cock to get every last drop from you, massaging underneath until you let me know you have succumbed.

You flash me the most satisfied smile and my heart flitters like it is about to explode. You pull me up to you and we tangle up again in a pile of pure delight and satisfaction. You squash me with your chest and I love it so. Mmmmm, the very weight of my Michael pressing on me, your warm sexy body, and…that look. My god, it just doesn’t get any better! I Love You!  Hannah

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Reading Hannah’s letter again was incredibly arousing and flooded me with wonderful memories. While it reads as a sexual fantasy, she does an amazing job describing the real passion and fire we frequently shared beyond the world of dreams and…away from the snow. Her description of sucking my cock was every bit as intense for me and pleasurable as she described. There are blow jobs and then there are BLOW JOBS. I didn’t truly appreciate this distinction before Hannah. Her description of my sexuality? Well, she is flattering but she was also in love so take it with a grain of salt. I do what I can. 😉 Finally, Hannah writes about sex but she is clearly speaking to something much deeper in this story. I was fortunate, even if briefly, to catch and hold the projection of her soul. ~ Michael