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NOTE: Listening to this 3:00 audio clip with ear buds truly enriches the sound. If you play it on your speaker, keep your hand close to the volume…it gets really loud at points and especially towards the end. 😉

She wore sexy knee-high boots as requested. She posed as I snapped dozens of photos while she confessed to the naughty thoughts she had while I was away for work. Her punishment lingered as her anticipation dripped down her inner thighs. I strapped her long sexy legs down to the bed.

I have to admit, having this lovely goddess strapped down with ass up and pussy exposed was very intoxicating. I spanked her ass good for her naughty ways. Though not as hard, I spanked her naughty pussy too. Something about spanking a woman’s pussy is mesmerizing. Ultimately, I undressed and continued to spank her amazingly hot ass as I fucked her into submission. She needed it. She deserved it.

Want to listen in? As the audio picks up, she is strapped down and still resisting. I take her from behind and handle her the way she needed to be handled. I fuck her deep and spank her ass until she finally submits and releases a chain of orgasms for the final 1:30. Not included in this audio clip is the sensual, loving afterglow as we drifted off into our Sensual Shadows.


In the original posting of Press Play: Again and Again, I never provided a name for the woman orgasming in the audio. She is Sienna. We once shared a blog called Sensual Shadows where we first posted this. I will be writing a lot about my journey with Sienna and properly introducing her in an upcoming post.

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