Yumi - Deep Inside 4-1 v2

Welcome to Yumi: Deep Inside. If you are new to The Dionysian Experience, Yumi is a beautiful Asian woman I first met while seeking waxing services. She is married with adorable children and owns several high-end spas. What began as an opportunity for a little playful exhibitionism soon evolved into something much deeper. In some ways, Yumi is a journey deep inside the soul.

My time with Yumi is fueled by rising erotic tension and memorable firsts. Each of the Yumi posts stand alone as an erotic story but each also builds upon the previous as the erotic tension of Yumi’s surrender rises. If you would like to read from the beginning, here is the chronology and link to the series – Yumi

  • Chapter 1: Wax On, Wax Off
  • Chapter 2: A Delicate Dance
  • Chapter 3: You Special
  • Chapter 4: Now You Full
  • Chapter 5: It’s Good For You
  • Chapter 6: Butterfly
  • Chapter 7: Deep Inside
  • Chapter 8: Dangerous
  • Video Tribute – China Girl
  • Yumi’s Digital Art Gallery – Coming Soon

Deep Inside

After my last appointment with Yumi, I felt like I was drifting on clouds. I had finally slipped my hands inside her pants, handled her amazing ass, and for the first time eased my fingers into her secret garden. The scent of Yumi’s Asian flower was intoxicating. Even more, I couldn’t believe Yumi had (in my words) finally professed she wanted to fuck me. My lingering excitement over the visit strikes me as somewhat humorous. I mean, I’m not exactly a virgin.

I overestimated Yumi’s sexual experience when I first began seeing her for waxing service. I’ve since come to think of her as an innocent flower ready to bloom or as a butterfly wanting to spread her wings. What she is now willing to share with me feels deep in a soulful way. The unfolding of her secret garden is a special gift and one I intend to handle with care.

Yumi Deep Inside 11-1 v3

I believe Yumi seeks more from our journey than sexual play but don’t believe for a second she would ever leave her husband or break up the home of her children. I would never want that to happen. However, it doesn’t change the fact that her husband demeans her, treats her like a servant, and leaves her unfulfilled in ways he doesn’t grasp. She is so sweet, sensual, and beautiful. It is hard to imagine her being treated so poorly.

I feel for her journey and fading dreams of romantic love. On some level, what we share must fulfill a void deep inside in her soul. While our ability to communicate about deep feelings is limited by language barriers, Yumi shares her feelings in basic sentences and more so in how she touches me. It comes through in her smile. I see it in her eyes. This isn’t about getting laid. I have a special opportunity to touch and kiss her soul…to show her that the passion and emotional connection she has only dreamed of actually does exist. I can fulfill the promise of the rose explored in Love Is My Life’s Work. If I am worthy and capable, this will be my gift to Yumi. If but for a fleeting moment in time, she will have touched it and felt it…deep inside.

Michael - Rose 1 v2

After the last appointment, we exchanged a few messages and eventually settled on a date for our secret rendezvous in another state. Unfortunately, that date was eight weeks away. I needed to keep passion’s fire ablaze and didn’t want to let two months pass between visits. Frankly, the thought of waiting eight weeks to see her was practically unbearable. I ended up scheduling an interim visit at the four-week mark.

The appointment has finally arrived, and I anticipate a slightly awkward visit. We both want more but her spa isn’t the place for “more” to happen. Would today be like our last passionate visit or would it be more tempered and less risky knowing we have our time alone in a few weeks?

Yumi greets me with smile as I enter her spa. I remember the first time I saw her. She was an exotic Asian beauty from a faraway world. She was an enchanting, untouchable fantasy. The energy flashing and flowing between on that day was immediate and feels even more vibrant today. This isn’t figurative speech. I literally feel soft, jolt-like pulses of electricity throughout my body when we are close. The glow of our energy is almost blinding at times.

Yumi - Deep Inside 1-2 v2

Yumi has told me before that she spends more time getting ready when she knows I’m coming to see her. Today is no exception, wow! I have vague impression she is dressed like a doll bordering on some form of costume play. Her makeup is perfect. Her lips are plump, cherry red. I can’t believe I have felt those cherries wrapped around my vine. Her eye shadow is dark, mysterious, and enchanting. Yumi’s eyelashes float like butterfly wings as she gazes into my soul. In other words, she’s fucking hot!

Entering our private room, Yumi gives me a quick hug and kiss. “I have miss you,” she says with a shy smile. Turning off the overhead light, she leaves us basking in warm flickering candlelight and sensual Asian music. Yumi seems a little bashful…maybe nervous. We’ve texted a few times but haven’t talked since our last passionate interlude. Is she having second thoughts or feeling guilty about her behavior? Uncharacteristically, I keep my clothes on for a moment and sit on the table.

Yumi - Deep Inside 2 v2

I pull her in close to feel her energy and take in her scent. I share a little about my feelings for her, how special the last visit was to me, my anticipation of spending more time with her outside of the spa, and how absolutely fantastic she looks today. I don’t know if she fully understands what I’m saying but she seems to like what she is hearing. Yumi lingers in my arms with her head against mine and slowly rubs my back. She appears to be more relaxed.

With Yumi settled, I remove my clothes and lay on the table. I’ve stripped for her so many times but have yet to see her fully naked. That is a sight I eagerly anticipate and it is coming soon. She massages my thighs briefly and tells me about some business opportunities that have been presented to her. If she accepts, it will require her to move away in order to oversee the operations. I attempt a funny “panicked” face and say, “Nooooo, you need to stay here! We will being seeing each other for the next 40 years.” She laughs, “In 40 year, I’m then old and you trade me for younger girl.” Oh man, her words tug at my heart strings. There is something about the passing of time and aging…of women not feeling beautiful or worthy of a man’s affection that touches me on a deeper level.

I quickly sit up and look deep into her ebony eyes. “Yumi, you are very special to me. If you are here many years from now, I will be here. We will be old together and will have shared a wonderful lifetime of fun and special times. No matter how old we are, you will always be beautiful and special in my eyes.” Yumi holds me tight, “Michael, you the best. I so crazy for you.” She kisses me softly before easing me back on the table. Instead of talking, Yumi wants to show me how she feels.

Yumi massages my balls and looks on admiringly as she pumps my cock a few times. God, I can’t believe how hard I get around her. It feels like my cock can’t constrain the pressure pushing from within…so achingly full and sensitized. Yumi initiates some sexy back and forth on the size which seems to so fascinate her imagination. “You so big! You break me.” “Mmmm Yumi, you like it right? You want to feel me deep inside?” She looks down demurely as she closes her eyes and nods in agreement.

This only increases the pressure and pushes the limits of my straining manhood. I’m soon engulfed in her sexy lips and completely mesmerized. How could I ever tire of her telling me how big my cock is, watching her struggle trying to fit me deep inside in her mouth, or the sensation of her tongue swirling around my plump head as she pumps my shaft? She removes me from her mouth and strokes me with both hands. “I make you feel good?” Her words float along with the music and flickering candlelight. I’m in a dreamlike trance. Was that a question or a statement of fact? Regardless, the answer is the same. I smile dreamily and acknowledge the obvious.

I sink my hand into her hair and guide her back down. “More sexy girl, more.” I like gripping her hair as she sucks my cock. I thinks she likes me handling her this way. I feel her teeth slightly dragging along my length as my swollen head presses deep against the back of her throat. Her soft gags excite me. I like that she is feeling the desire to completely engulf me. It’s a sexy calling but she has a long way to go to achieve this goal. I’m a generous man though and will give her plenty of opportunities to practice. Yumi eventually finds her groove with her left hand wrapped around my base with the rest of my cock in her mouth as she moves up and down my length. Her right hand moves to my large balls as she massages them like they are her own erotic treasures. I feel completely devoured.

As much as I would like to savor this divine blow job, I want more and have to be aware of the time. After all, she has appointments and a business to run. I run a hand along her exposed thigh then up under her short dress. On previous excursions to her sweet pussy, my wandering hands have been met with clothing that is impossible to access. This has been reinforced by her hands fending me off or the moving away of her hips to keep me at bay. Today, my wandering is greeted by lacy panties. Mmmm, Yumi wants me to have easy access and dressed to give it to me.

I squeeze her perfect little ass and savor the shape of her round buns before slipping my hand under her panties. Ahhhh, she is soaked. I trace along her hot, wet lips and  massage her clit and pussy before easing one…then two fingers slightly inside Yumi’s silky petals. I will never forget what happens next.

Yumi cups my balls, presses my cock against her cheek, and buries her nose near the base against my balls. I watch intently as she inhales deeply while tracing her nose along my cock and balls…again and again. Seeing her taking in my scent like this strikes me as so intensely erotic and primal. It seems I’m not the only that finds our scent intoxicating. Breathe deep, Yumi. Feel my essence deep inside.

Time is ticking. I want to get her dress off so I can take a good look at her ass and admire her naked form. This will be a hot visual to fuel my fantasies before our getaway. I sit up to face her and unzip the back of her dress. There is no resistance. I slip it off her shoulders as she helps by working her arms free. Her dress hangs around her waist as I unhook and remove her bra. No resistance.

I reach under her dress and firmly handle her ass as I pull her more fully against me. Yumi’s breasts press fully against my chest as I slide one hand deeper between her legs. One finger, then two slip inside her silky wings. Yumi is softly moaning and sighing as she melts in my arms. Weakly, she wraps both hands around my shaft and slowly pumps up and down. For so long she has resisted and drawn arbitrary lines. Now, there is only a heightened sense of surrender…submission.

I try to spin her around to remove her dress but she rallies for one last stand and resists. She shakes her head and says, “No, I’m so shy.” I counter, “You are so pretty. I only want to look at your beautiful body.” Her resistance is short lived. I turn her around and slip off her dress. Oh my god. The sight of Yumi standing naked before in nothing but high heels and sexy stockings is absolutely breathtaking. No words. Well, maybe one. Goddess. Breathe Michael, breathe.

Yumi - Deep Inside 4-1 v2

I pull her in close and hold her. I wrap my arms around her and nestle in against her cheek as I deeply whisper reassuring words. I take some time to work her breasts and nipples while keeping her close and making her feel safe, desired, and adored. I eventually press my cock along her sexy buns. I’m sitting but still able to slowly slide my cock between the crease of her ass. I can’t believe what I am seeing, doing, and feeling. Breathe Michael, breathe.

Yumi isn’t going to fuck me here. No way. She has made this crystal clear over past visits. I know the limits. We’re only stoking passion’s flame for our next visit. I get a wild thought that Yumi might enjoy feeling my cock pressed between her thighs (along her pussy, not inside her). She could slide her pussy across my shaft and this would leave her with a fun, hot tease for our visit outside the spa. Yes, great idea.

I lean back to create some space for my cock and press it down between her legs as I anticipate more resistance and having to explain what I’m doing. No resistance. She parts her legs slightly as I ease between her thighs. I feel the burning, wet heat of her soft petals as they spread and coat the length of my manhood with the nectar of the gods. I can’t believe I have Yumi in this position. I guide her hand down so she can feel my shaft and wet head against her pussy.

Her legs begin to shake as she slides her burning hot pussy along the top of my cock. She is trembling. Yumi is on fire. My eyes are ablaze and I’m losing control…engulfed in the erotic whirlwind. Oh god. I am feeling so wild and bestial…

Dionysus 104 v4

To be continued….

I know, I know…tough spot to end. At long last, I finally have Yumi naked with my heavy, dripping cock pressed up against her soaked little pussy. It has taken a loooong time to get Yumi here…for all of us to get here. I hope you’ll indulge me in pausing briefly to reflect and savor the moment. What happens next deserves a full post and accompanying digital art devoted to it. Deep inside, Yumi deserves it. You deserve it.🌹

You can find the entire Yumi series here – Yumi.