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Once upon a time, I had almost demonized women and approached them with a warrior-like mentality. I was fighting my own darkness and, in the process, becoming what I fought. Today, instead of wanting to fuck every woman in the world, I want to shine light where there is darkness. More than empty, soulless fucking, I want to have a sensual, thoughtful, and erotic connection to the world…to see and appreciate beauty in all its forms.

In my journey through the Dionysian Experience I recognized that I seemed to be drawn to women that are in some way hurting or in need of emotional support and positive energy. Similarly, my exploration of topics seemed some to resonate deeply with some women and I’ve made some surprisingly wonderful connections that I cherish deeply.

Fast forward a few years and I am exposed to the concept of “lightworker”. Lightworkers are people who have experienced some form of mystical/spiritual awakening in their lives and feel the calling to unleash healing emotional energy. They radiate with an energy that others in need may be drawn to. Those drawn to this energy may themselves be lightworkers but have lost their way and forgotten the energy residing within them. While lost in darkness, they still recognize this energy in others and are drawn to the light. If a connection is made, they are once again illuminated.

Do I consider myself to be a lightworker? No. I don’t even want to go down that road of exploration. I attribute my fascination with light and energy to the archetypal influence of Dionysus. To the ancient Greeks, Dionysus represented the dancing universe and ceaseless flow of energy that unites us with one another and all the universe. This is the archetypal force that calls to me in my dreams. Then again, perhaps he was the original lightworker.

If this your first visit, welcome to The Dionysian Experience. Open the door…step inside and get turned on.

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