One of the topics I explore on The Dionysian Experience is cuckolding and my journey into this erotic fetish. A key part of a couple’s sexual exploration is understanding what one another’s erotic buttons, knowing limits, and establishing boundaries. As it pertains to cuckolding, long after the Bull has left the couple’s bed, the couple is left with that experience as part of their shared history. Pre-established boundaries, if any, go a long way towards ensuring reality of the moment and memories are pleasant rather than hurtful.

One moment we can certainly anticipate in any cuckold experience is that the couple’s Bull is going to cum. This raises some obvious questions for the couple to discuss. Are there any places the couple feels should be off limits for the other male’s cum? For example, a woman may not want the other man to cum on her face or in her mouth. Or, she may not feel comfortable with him coming inside of her.

The man being cuckolded may have reservations as well. There are also potential scenarios where the cuckold may come in contact with the other man’s cum. This could include the cuckold’s cock entering his lover’s cum-filled pussy or may involve the cuckold licking the other man’s cum from his lover’s pussy. How does the couple feel about this? Do they find it arousing or not? If so, how far does that contact go?

As Sienna and I move towards my cuckolding, I wanted to know where she was on these questions and understand her boundaries. Where does she want her Bull to cum and how does she feel about me potentially licking his cum from her pussy? I write this rather nonchalantly, but let me tell you, hearing the woman you love discussing her thoughts about another man coming on or inside her is an intense mind fuck! And, broaching the topic of me eating his cum from her pussy is like dropping a sledge hammer on my erotic humiliation button.

I bring up a WordPress article and comment thread about men tasting their own cum. Some men enjoy it purely as a physical sexual experience without any form of mental or power play. Other men find it exciting when framed as a submissive act and/or a form of erotic humiliation to be “forced” to eat their own seed. Some took it further and said that what they really fantasized about was eating another man’s cum from their lover’s pussy. She was curious and wanted to know how I felt? Before answering this, I should provide some context around our relationship.

Sienna and I enjoy mental play and my favorite fantasy has been to see her taken by a well-hung black man. She loves when I whisper naughty stories about this in her ear as we fuck and it always makes her cum so hard. We are both fully onboard with making cuckolding a reality in our relationship but aren’t really into the Femdom element often associated with cuckolding. In fact, she is actually quite submissive. To gather some insight into how a submissive woman can successfully engage in cuckolding, please check out Cuckolding: A Submissive Woman’s Perspective.

While I lean towards being dominant and controlling in sexual play, I also enjoy a dash of erotic humiliation/teasing. I explore the psychology behind this kink in the Erotic Humiliation post. The thought of licking another man’s cum from her pussy was another form of erotic humiliation that drives me wild with excitement! Also, I love when Sienna teases me about having a little cock and expresses her sincere craving for more—specifically, a Big Black Cock. I suppose this desire comes across to me as her being a somewhat defiant submissive. Of course, this makes me want to punish her…preferably by spanking and fucking the hell out of her for being so naughty.

So, back to our conversation about the other man’s cum as well as the potential for tasting my own cum and/or her Bull’s. Sienna has always really enjoyed tasting her juices on my cock and likes how naughty it makes her feel. She could see how I might have a similar feeling of naughtiness when tasting my own cum and pressed me, “How do you feel about it?”

Sienna - Black Dress 1

I remind her that I’ve gone down on her several times after coming inside her and enjoyed it. However, it isn’t something though that adds an extra level of intensity for me. Tasting my own sperm is one thing. Tasting another man’s seed from her well-fucked pussy is a whole different ballgame, right?

Before getting to this topic, I first needed to get her thoughts about where she wanted or didn’t want her bull to cum. “Baby, the thought of slipping my cock inside you and feeling it coated with another man’s cum would be so intense!” She replied:

Mmmm Sweetheart, I like the thought of him coming inside me too…especially you taking me after a black man has filled me with his creamy load. Sexy man, I love the taste of your cum and love when you cum in my mouth. It is such a personal experience for me to have you this way. Just like I wouldn’t want to kiss another man, I wouldn’t want his cum in my mouth. It is much too personal and something I only want to share with you. – Sienna

At this point in our journey, she was adamant about not kissing the other man or wanting his cum in her mouth. Personally, neither of these would bother me, but they are her boundaries based on a level of intimacy she only wants to experience with me. Even though she found the idea of fucking other men exciting, there are some things she only wants to experience with me.

Knowing Sienna likes the thought of another man releasing inside her, I follow up and ask for her thoughts around me licking his cum from her pussy.

Cuckold - Creampie

Wow, that is a hot, crazy thought! For you to lick another man’s cum from my pussy is a crazy good mind fuck! It’s such an epic “wrong” in my head but it makes me so wet! For me to fuck a man I don’t even know is so out of character for me. To desire to fuck a black man just because he has a big cock is something I would have never done before meeting you. Now, for all of this to be encouraged by the man I love and for it to happen in front of you is crazy hot! This is an incredible gift you have given to me. Then, I can’t even get my mind around you licking my pussy after another man has filled me with his seed. It is crazy hot! – Sienna

To have the woman I love describing the desire and pleasure of being able to fuck a well-hung black man in front of me as a “gift” is so erotic. To know it makes her wet thinking about me licking his cum from her well-fucked pussy takes it another level. She has become so sexually liberated and it is so hot to be a driving force behind releasing her hidden desires.

I ask Sienna if there were other places she would be excited to feel her Bull cum when we fulfilled the fantasy?

Sienna - Black Dress 3 v2

Except for my mouth and ass, which will always be yours alone, you can share me as you wish. You can tell him to empty his creamy load on my face and neck so you can run your hands through it as you fuck me hard afterwards. You can have him cum in my hair which I work so hard on to be pretty for you. He can cum on my tits, and then I will rub your little cock in his cum. I know that will be hot for you. He can pump his cream out on the lower part of my back so it runs down the crack of my ass and open lips. Or, if you want, he can plant his seed deep in my pussy. It’s up to you, Baby. However you want to see your Girl taken—just not in my mouth or ass. I only want your sweet little cock in my ass. – Sienna

With this reply, she reminds of another boundary for her Bull–no anal. Like her other boundaries, I have no reservation against this but now understood this and all her boundaries more clearly. I had also ensured she thought about them too.

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