Setting the Stage

Over the last few months, I’ve been sharing an intimate and ongoing true story about Yumi. Yumi is a beautiful, married Asian woman I first met when inquiring about waxing services.

Michael - China Girl

In Wax On, Wax Off, I introduce the benefits I enjoy from waxing (intimate areas) and the electricity around the first time I met Yumi as I inquired about waxing services. I would become her first male client. A Delicate Dance explores the building erotic tension of that first waxing as I am stretched out naked on her waxing table. How will she react the first time she sees me nude and hard? You Special highlights memorable moments covering a time span of three appointments as Yumi and I become closer and concludes with one very happy ending. In Now You Full, Yumi finally takes matters into very capable hands and becomes the master of my domain. I have also created a video tribute to Yumi, China Girl. You can link to all of these stories here: Yumi.

Yumi – It’s Good for You

My first impressions of Yumi were misguided. While beautiful and exotic to my eyes, she is actually quite innocent and sexually inexperienced. I couldn’t help but see her as a beautiful butterfly unable to spread its vibrant wings or flower bursting with life but unable to unfold its petals. Unfortunately, like many women in an unsatisfying marriage, she had resigned herself to a passionless life journey…until I walked into her spa. She is brave but also shy. I will playfully tempt her and unleash the fire that burns deep within her erotic garden.

Yumi Deep Inside 26 v2

More than a year has passed since the first day our stars aligned. I’ve been assertive in getting what I need from Yumi but not overly aggressive in taking what I want. I have given her space to move at her own pace and define her own submission. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about Yumi. Most notably, her husband treats her like a servant. The difference in how a woman responds to the demand of servitude compared to earning her gift of submission is as dramatic as darkness to light. She, like all women, deserve so much more. While she may feel I tap into her darkness, it is her light I want to reveal.

Yumi is an adoring mother of two beautiful children. Despite coming to America with very little, she owns several nail spas and is an accomplished business woman. Her command of English is a work in progress, but she is clearly working at a high cognitive level. We have formed something of a naughty friendship, and I’ve shared some of our naughtiness. That aside, she has also invited me to video chat with her sister, shows me photos of her home and children, tells me about what is going on her life, and shares her dreams. I listen to her. We laugh. I care. Slowly, she is revealing herself.

Geisha-Waiting for You v2

I no longer do my waxing with Yumi. Instead, I prefer to spend our time in lower lighting with her hands on my cock under the guise of a massage. Sure, she starts with a little massage but can’t seem to ignore or resist my erection…it calls to her. I adore the way she stares in wide-eyed amazement as she stacks both hands along my length with cock to spare. I love hearing her accent as she says with a surprised look on her face, “You sooo BIG!”

All hard-ons are not the same. With Yumi, I hit maximum fullness…almost painfully extended. Maybe it’s knowing there are women just beyond the waxing room getting pedicures and manicures as I receive Yumi’s special treatment. Maybe it’s because her husband is such an asshole. It is hot to see how sexy his wife can be if treated a certain way. Maybe it’s her innocence and how she looks at me with her sexy brown eyes and says, “You teach me, you my good teacher.” Maybe it’s the way she watches in what feels like worshipful admiration at the volume of cum erupting over my stomach and flowing across her fingers as she strokes me to foot-cramping orgasms. Or, maybe it is the tender care she takes as my erection subsides before cleaning me and saying with a smile, “Now you full.” I suspect it is all of this and more. She is a dream-like vision dancing to life before my very eyes.

Yumi - Sheet Red 5-1

I have yet to explore Yumi’s body the way I want and, to my dismay, she hasn’t yet sucked my cock. But, hope springs eternal as I sit in the waiting area for my next appointment. Yumi calls me back and the energy between us is tangible. I wonder if the other women in the spa can feel it around them. We enter the private room and Yumi locks the door behind us. She doesn’t bother to leave the room anymore as I undress. Instead, she steals peeks…naughty girl. Low lighting casts a warm glow and several candles are flickering as light dances with shadows. I am home in this space of contrast. Asian music plays low in the background adds to my sensory stimulation. Yumi reaches deep into a drawer to retrieve the hidden massage oil.

She rubs some into my thighs and on my stomach as we make small talk and catch up. My erection quickly stretches out strong and proudly before her and she takes me into her hands…mmmm, what I was saying? It doesn’t matter. Mmmm, I love the way she rubs and handles my large balls. They are silky smooth, sizable, and love attention. Yumi knows this. After all, I am her “good teacher”. Yumi’s hand jobs are unbelievable. My cock feels completely adored and honored through her touch.

As Yumi’s hands flow sensually across my cock and balls, she pauses and stares at my cock. I can almost see her thinking… I ask if she likes it? “Yes, you so big and make me feel like crazy girl.” She makes me crazy, and I’m excited to be returning the favor.

I have asked her many times to suck my cock. Her reply is always, “In my country, girl does only when marriage.” Usually, I jokingly propose to her. Or, she will call me a sexy, crazy man and add, “If I do that, then I crazy too!” Today, I can sense her resistance weakening. I whisper in a deep, sensual register, “Go ahead sexy girl, just give it a kiss.” She moves her head down ever so slightly but stops. She doesn’t look at me but continues to stare at my manhood. I trace a finger along my dripping head, “Come on Yumi, just on kiss.” She looks at me…eyes that speak of innocence and her internal struggle…eyes engulfed in fire. I gently place my hand on her back and encourage her downward.

Yumi Deep Inside 223-v4

Hesitantly, she begins the slow descent. My mood feels dark, stormy, and seductive. Her long surrender feels so intense and dramatic. This is huge step for Yumi. She gets close and literally kisses my dripping head before quickly raising back up. With a naughty smile she looks at me, “There, I kiss you.” What? No way! All of the sudden Yumi is my playful funny girl?! What the hell, ha! This is supposed to be a dramatic moment! I shake my head with an exasperated smile and urgency, “Oh no, no, no beautiful girl! Kiss it again…put it in your mouth. Suck it, sexy girl…” She is pleased with her teasing and making me laugh. She smiles, “You make me crazy.”

Yumi summons another round of courage and goes down. Achingly close to my engorged cock, she looks on admiringly and inhales the scent along my length before kissing my cock again. Slowly, as if surrendering to something deep within herself, her full lips part and take my swollen, dripping head into her mouth. It is as if all light and darkness have centered and now swirl around my cock. It is…divine.

Yumi - Good For You 22 v5


Her teeth scrape against my thickness and I kind of like it. She has much to learn. I place my hand on her head with just enough force to push her down deeper. She moves up and down as I explore her uncharted depths. She pulls off and asks, “I make you feel good? Teach me, Michael.”

I take her right hand and cup it under and around my heavy balls. I place her left hand around the base of my cock. She engulfs me again while now stroking my length and gently massaging my balls. She has all of me, and I’m hypnotized by her steady movement. She takes instinctual breaks to lick my balls and the length of my shaft over and over as she tells me how long and big it is. I wonder if she is also feeling consumed? She then returns to completely devouring me.

My orgasm rises and this will be one for the ages. I usually have good control but that won’t be the case today. Powered by months of erotic tension between us, this IS the moment. I begin to gently pump my hips as I fuck Yumi’s sweet mouth. I fantasized about this the first moment I saw her and countless times since. I marvel at the sight of her mouth wrapped around my thickness. My cock is in Yumi’s mouth…it is surreal. I look at her face, eyelashes, and hair…the wispy strands falling to the side. Her diamond engagement ring presses against my manly flesh. I’m a fortunate man. I push deeper. I want my cock so far down her throat that she feels me reaching for her soul. In the depths of her erotic garden, Yumi’s resistance is weakening. I reach for her soul as she struggles to keep me at a more manageable depth for her heart.

Yumi is sucking my power from me and infusing it within herself. She is now strong and controlling me. I fight my release as if trying to avoid pain while Yumi works to conquer me. I fight it, “No, no, oooooh, nooo….fuck…no…” She asserts more power and control over me. I am desperate now to release the storm of pain coursing through me. “No, no…Yes, yes…don’t stop…oh don’t stop…oooh fuck, yes, yes! I’m coming…”

I expect her to back off but she holds on. I feel her teeth again as I become even thicker. “I’m coming…” She braces herself. My body stiffens and that first blast is like a volcano blowing its top! Yumi moans and grips me even harder. The second heavy rope pulses as if pulled from my feet all the way up through my cock. She takes three, then four creamy shots in her mouth before pulling off with my cum spilling off her lips. She continues to stroke me, and I miraculously feel a second orgasm feeding through the first and driving me to new heights! It is even more intense than the first..more creamy pulses flood out like white lava over her hands and saturate her engagement ring. As I lay there with spasming muscles, fading orgasmic pulses, and watering eyes, I am stunned. I just experienced multiple orgasms. Wow!

Yumi looks around the room and then at me…as she swallows my cum. Now able to speak, she says with a surprised tone, “You did in my mouth.” I look up at her with an equally surprised and naughty smile, “What? I told you I was coming.” She punches me playfully in the stomach. “Why you did that?” I laugh and consider my response. “Yumi, seriously…women in America consider it an honor to do that. It is an honor to have the seed of life inside you. Besides, it’s good for you.” Her eyes twinkle, “Hmmm… Yes, it good for me but it great for you!”

Yumi 215-1 v2