1_Beata - Olympus 4 copy-1

Fallen Angel 3-1 v2

Lotus 1 v2-1 copy

Fairy 1-1 copy

Carnival 4-1

Hammer of the Gods 25 v2 (Man Enough)


Digital art is one of my passions and I enjoy creating the 3D-artwork used in my posts on the The Dionysian Experience. I actually enjoy this aspect of the creative process as much as I do the writing. The artwork adds an extra emotional and/or psychological connection to my experience. Writing a story, adding art, and then later creating a music video that captures the spirit of the story is where it all comes together for me and resonates most deeply.

My artwork falls within the Digital Art realm in the subcategory known as 3D Art. The term “3D” isn’t directed at the output. Rather, it means that I am working within a 3D platform. For all of the scenes I create, I can move within this platform to render images from multiple angles (front, back, top, bottom, etc.).

Tools of the trade: I use DAZ Studio as my 3D platform, Iray as my render engine (mostly), and then finish off my work in Photoshop and/or Lightroom.

I plan to periodically feature some of my personal favorites. Hope you enjoy the first edition – These Dreams.

For more digital art please visit here – Digital Art