Michael - Rose 1 v2

Hope you recognize me with clothes on. ☺️

In recognition of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to say something to you. “You” being each woman that visits my blog and interacts with me…women with blogs that I visit and engage. “You” being the women I share stories about on The Dionysian Experience in my quest for deeper meaning and understanding of my past. “You” being the soul of a woman.

What I wasn’t mature enough to give to my mother and possibly prevent her suicide, I have devoted the better part of my life giving to you. The pain of her death is channeled and returned in love to all women of the world…especially those I recognize as soulful and in some way hurting. I am vigilant in looking for your special light and open to your energy. I know the magic that resides within you, and it is my desire to always return the same energy to you. You are special and forever adored in my eyes.

I have often felt that I wanted to make love to world…and I do. It isn’t a hedonistic drive or even orgasmic release that I seek (although that is very nice and always greatly appreciated). Rather, I want to feel you in a deeper way and this means more than being buried in your divinely sweet pussy.  While I am a very passionate man, it is more than possessing your body that stokes, strokes, and fuels my flame. My greater drive is to caress, soothe, and touch your soul.

To my past lovers, future lovers, and women I may only ever meet virtually, please accept this rose as a symbol of my love in its various manifestations. It is always extended with good intent. Handle this gift with care though and take care to avoid the thorns. It too can make you bleed.

Happy Valentine’s Day ~ Michael

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