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The Cuckold Contract

I. Parties to The Cuckold Contract

This is a binding document between the Hotwife (Ashley), cuckold (Timothy), and Alpha male (Michael). To ensure a mutually enjoyable experience, each party agrees to fulfill his or her agreed to responsibilities and terms of service.

II.  Background

Ashley and Timothy are in a loving relationship with a deep emotional connection which has strengthened over time. This closeness has led to increasingly open communication about their relationship and sexual fantasies. While their sensual, emotional, and creative connection is electric, the balance of sexual power and control in the relationship never seemed quite settled. Timothy and Ashley have come to realize that Timothy, while wonderful in so many ways, is not satisfying her sexual needs the way a real man should satisfy his lover.

Indirectly and delicately the loving couple addressed this tenuous sexual issue. They came to understand that as much as Timothy offers in other areas as man, he doesn’t offer much between his legs. Ashley is a beautiful, sexy Hotwife and craves mind-blowing orgasms. She wants passionate sex that leaves her pleasantly tender for days…a lingering reminder that she knows what it means to be truly fucked and satisfied. This is a feeling Timothy is incapable of providing Ashley.

Ashley also has an assertive streak that over time has increasingly manifested itself when she is not dominated and fucked into submission by her man. As Timothy repeatedly failed in his manly duties, the sexual power shifted in the relationship. The Hotwife became more assertive and dominant while Timothy became more submissive. Ultimately, he came to accept he was never going to provide her the deep, fulfilling sexual pleasure she craved. This realization has led to him accepting and even wanting another man to satisfy her sexually. He desires to ensure his wife’s pleasure–even if her satisfaction comes from the cock of another man. Of course, Timothy will not be able to take on new lovers. If he can’t even satisfy the woman that matters most in his life, why would he be worthy of wasting another woman’s time and energy.

This leads us to the scope of this contract. In determining and detailing the contract scope, parties to the contract were interviewed and terms of service negotiated.

III. Terms of Service and Sexual Privileges

A.  Ownership  When Michael is present, he owns Ashley and will fuck her like he owns her. The cuckold (Timothy) is never allowed to have sex with his wife in Michael’s presence. When visiting the cuckold’s house, Michael will sleep in the couple’s marital bed with Ashley. Timothy is expected to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. When Michael is not present, Timothy is only allowed to have marital sex when expressly approved by Michael. If for some reason the Hotwife feels like her cuckold deserves sex, Timothy must contact Michael directly and ask for permission. The cuckold should expect “No” as the most common answer. Ashley should always confirm with Timothy that he first asked Michael’s permission.

B.  The Cuckold’s Orgasm While this contract is in effect, the Timothy is NEVER allowed to cum inside his wife. In the rare instance where Michael approves marital sex, Ashley will repeatedly remind her cuckold that Michael owns her pussy and the cuckold must pull out before coming. During sex, Ashley is encouraged to remind Timothy how little his cock is compared to Michael’s, that his sperm is of low volume and inferior quality,  and how much better Michael fucks her. Timothy is encouraged to have a paper towels near the bed and should use one to capture his release so it can be quickly discarded with the rest of the garbage.

C. The Alpha’s Orgasm As the Alpha, Michael can cum wherever he desires. This includes: the wife’s beautiful face and hair, all over her gorgeous sexy body, and deep inside her pussy and ass. As a point of emphasis, only the Alpha’s creamy potent sperm will be inside the wife’s fertile pussy. At Ashley’s discretion, her cuckold will be encouraged to clean Michael’s cum from her body. This may require use of a warm washcloth or using his tongue. Ashley may also direct Timothy to lick Michael’s cum from her pussy. Finally, Ashley may also request that Michael cum on Timothy’s little cock as a show of dominance. In this scenario, the cuckold is expected to lay on the bed and stroke his little cock. Ashley will stroke Michael’s strong cock and target his creamy release all over the cuckold’s little penis and balls. The cuckold is then expected to use Michael’s seed as lubricant while he continues stroking his little cock.

C. Dress and Ceremony  There are times when it isn’t enough for the Hotwife to fuck another man in the cuckold’s presence. She may also want to show the Alpha how much power she has over her cuckold. This may involve having the cuckold strip and display his little penis. The Hotwife may also choose to restrain her cuckold in a male chastity cage for a duration of her choosing since it is of little use to her. She may also require her cuckold to wear clothing that is less than masculine. For example, after Michael removes her panties, Ashley may direct her cuckold to put them on. Further, at least once a week and with a bold magic marker, Timothy is required to write “Michael’s” across his wife’s mons pubis. Similarly, the Hotwife should write “little penis” across her husband’s pubic area.

D. Private Visits Ashley will meet with Michael alone at times for a night or weekend  getaways. The cuckold should realize that watching his lover being fucked by a real man is a privilege and not an expectation. Timothy must accept there will be times when Ashley just wants to be fucked by her Alpha and feel like a real woman without worrying about her cuckold’s needs and distracting behavior. That said, Michael is a kind and generous Alpha. He will ensure Ashley at least sends photos of her erotic adventure to Timothy so he can masturbate.

E. Public Displays of Affection Michael realizes there is a time and place for public displays of affection. Ashley and Timothy are well known in their community and it wouldn’t be in the couple’s best interest for others to know Ashley is cuckolding her husband. However, when meeting at locations outside the married couple’s hometown, every effort will be made to ensure others understand that Timothy is Ashley’s husband and Michael is her man. Prime locations for ensuring this happens are interactions with the server while at dinner, sitting at bar and interacting with the bartender and those around us, or with hotel staff while checking in and during delivery of room service.

G.  Terms of Address Timothy should always address Michael as Sir. Michael may address the cuckold in anyway he deems appropriate with a preference towards terms that signal Michael’s dominance.

This contract serves as a well-defined relationship between the Hotwife, cuckold, and Alpha. Should disagreements or points of contention arise, this document is binding point of reference to remind all parties what was willingly agreed too for a mutually pleasurable sexual liaison.


Cuckold           __________________________ Date _____________
Hotwife           __________________________ Date _____________
Alpha Male     __________________________ Date _____________



This is a real contract I prepared during my “American Gigolo” phase for a couple that wanted to explore cuckold play. It was signed and executed.

Several months ago I began a series called American Gigolo where I detail my erotic adventures as a man engaged (no fees) by women and couples for sexual services and a bit of erotic theatre. I am early in this series but you can view them here – American Gigolo.

If you’ve been following my journey, you know that while I enjoy being the “alpha”, I also enjoy the inversion. That is, being cuckolded is one of my favorite sexual fantasies. My cuckold fantasy is a little different than Timothy’s though. Timothy’s fantasy does contain the essence of cuckolding–a loving couple, the man is aroused watching his lover being pleased by another man, and the couple finds this arrangement mutually arousing– but it has additional erotic layers/fetishes added to it. For example, Timmy got off on being submissive, male chastity, small penis teasing, mild sissy play, exhibitionism & voyeurism, and masochism (mental and emotional). All of these can exist alone as distinct sexual fetishes and aren’t a part of every cuckold’s fantasy.

I have a fairly extensive offering of cuckold content that ranges from the psychology of cuckolding to my real-life experiences as a cuckold. You can browse the catalog here – Cuckolding.