Over the last two months, I have been recounting my erotic journey with Yumi–a beautiful, married Asian esthetician. In Yumi: Wax On, Wax Off, I introduce the benefits I enjoy from waxing (intimate areas) and the electricity around the first time Yumi and I met. Yumi: A Delicate Dance describes the building erotic tension and during the first waxing. Yumi: You Special was the third post in the series and highlights memorable moments covering a time span of three appointments and concludes with one very happy ending.

Yumi: Now You Full

Yumi and I repeat our increasingly erotic dance over the next few wax appointments. I savor the exhibitionistic pleasure of revealing my fullness to her during the waxing. She no longer leaves the room as I undress which adds a layer of hotness to the moment as I undress before this beautiful woman. She tries to act like she isn’t looking but I see her. I can sense the inner struggle she must be feeling.

Yumi - Opulance 4

Exhibitionism is something I truly enjoy and explore the psychology of this in Exhibitionism – Exploring the Layers. In turn, Yumi has been receptive to exploring the view and has indulged in some extended handling of my hard cock. New to our erotic dance is the ending. Yumi pours soothing oil onto her hand and runs her oil-slicked finger tips along the length of my straining, veiny shaft. She then briefly strokes my manhood before turning it over to me for the grand finale. She watches in wide-eyed, virgin-like amazement as I masturbate and jettison my creamy load all over my stomach.

Today’s ending would be different. At the beginning of the appointment Yumi asks if I’ve missed her and shares that she thinks about me when I’m away. It felt good to hear that. As Yumi works on me, I run my hand along her tone thigh and squeeze her sexy ass. God, I’m so hot for this woman. It has taken so long to even get to this point that the thought actually fucking her seems damn near impossible. With each step forward we make, it seems she sets firm lines against taking it any further. She is married and this is her spa so I can appreciate her boundaries. It doesn’t mean I won’t push those boundaries though.

Finishing up, Yumi begins to lubricate my cock without me having to ask which adds to my excitement knowing she wants to do this. I place my hand on hers and wrap it around the base…showing her how to better stroke me. Starting at the base, I apply more pressure as I slide our hands up my length before ending with a little swirl around the swollen and dripping crown. As we descend, “relax your pressure a little and tighten again at the base. That’s it, more pressure on the way up and swirl at the tip. Lighter on the way down…pressure and pull upward…swirl…lightly down….mmmm, there you go.” Yumi smiles, “You my good teacher”.

Mioyo - Dance for You-1

My initial perception of Yumi as this exotic Asian woman of my fantasies is transforming into appreciation for the curious and excited innocence with which she is now exploring me and her sexuality. Yumi is blooming. Her engagement ring sparkles as it moves up and down my manhood. Her other hand moves to massage and nurture my tight, heavy balls. The moment feels right so I lean up to kiss her. She turns away slightly as I kiss her face. I move to her ear and whisper in a deep voice, “I want you to suck my cock.” Yumi smiles bashfully and pushes me back on the table. “You a crazy man. If I do that, it make me crazy too. I make you feel good only.”

I didn’t get what I wanted but for the first time she was going to make me cum and that was what I needed. Yumi strokes me to a toe-curling orgasm and works my shaft through the cum shots until my creamy pulses calm and beginning flowing across her wedding band and diamond engagement ring. It is a intensely erotic and powerful visual. I wondered how Yumi would feel later as she was washing my cum of her ring and what thoughts she might have at that moment.

Time Passes

Over the course of several sessions, the ending of our wax sessions had become super hot but the time we had left for more intimate moments always felt too short. Based on prior conversations, she had made it pretty clear that it would hurt her feelings if I just came to see her for sexual play. In order to get her hands on me quicker but in a more subtle way, I would ask her about massages instead of waxing. Finally, she said she would try but she didn’t really know what to do. Before long, I am in Yumi’s spa laying naked on the table for my first massage.

Yumi gives a cursory rub to my calves and moves up to my thighs. My cock is already hard and reaching up my stomach. Just as I had hoped, she moves impatiently for my cock and balls. Seems she wants my manliness in her hands as much as I do and her eagerness excites me even more. Yumi has my cock standing straight up and says with admiration (as if she had forgotten), “You sooo BIG!” I ask if she fantasizes about having me inside her. Yumi giggles, “Too big for me…you break me!” I push again for a blow job. Yumi resists. “In my country we don’t do that until marriage.” In my aroused state, I consider proposing on the spot.

Yumi Opulance 1 v2

I ask Yumi more questions about her marriage as she strokes my cock and massages my balls. In short, she leaves me with the impression that her husband treats her like a domestic servant. On the rare occasion they do have sex, it is a quickie and he cums after a few strokes. She can’t even remember the last time she had sex. I feel a little sad for her. She has such a good spirit and deserves to be treated better…to know the full pleasure of unfolding and blossoming as a sexual woman. This also answers some of my lingering questions around her sexual experience. I have flashes of how wide-eyed she has been with our first experiences. I wonder about everything now in terms of her experience and confidence. Does she even know how to kiss sensually and with passion? Is she scared to give me a blow job because she doesn’t know how? Does she even know what it means to be really fucked? Does her soul ache for more?

During the entire time we are talking, Yumi is giving me a five-star hand job. In fact, I have to keep placing my hand on hers to stop her motion so I don’t cum. Given the amount of contact I have with my own cock, it rare to find a woman that can stroke it better than I can. Yumi is that rare woman. I taught her what I liked and she has surpassed the master. I have stamina and control but she breaks me down like never before and has me on edge so quickly. I set her hand free and I am instantly back on the edge of coming and have to stop her again. Of course, it is more than just her technique. It is everything around this moment and Yumi merging together in my mind, heart, and body.

Pointing to my cock, I ask if she does this for her husband? She has a scowl on her face and shakes her head no. She often mentions my size and I was curious about her husband. “Your husband is big?” She doesn’t answer but looks a little embarrassed. Maybe she feels embarrassed talking about her husband in this way. I’ve often wondered if a woman feels a since of pride in her man’s endowment. I ask again, “Is your husband big?” She finally answers, “He is little compared to you”.

Yumi Opulance 3

I reach down to my cock and point at the bottom of my head. “Your husband is here?” She traces her finger about halfway down my shaft. “He is here. That is why I say you too big and break me.”

I am still fighting off and edging my release by periodically stopping Yumi from pulling so exquisitely on shaft. “You like my big cock?” She smiles, “I do…very sexy and exciting.” I set her hand free for a few strokes and stop her. “You fantasize about having me inside you?”  “Yes”, she says. I remove my hand from hers and Yumi resumes pulling on my throbbing cock. At the same time she is massaging, cupping, and gently squeezing my balls.

My eyes are starting to drift…my vision is becoming blurred with dream-like haze. Traces of her wedding ring sliding up and down my manhood fill haze. Her husband is missing out…his beautiful queen is so capable of bringing such ecstasy. My legs and stomach begin to twitch. I don’t want it end, but I’m about to come. The extended denial of my release has engaged and sensitized my entire body which is now shaking and contracting. I erupt in long, slow, extended heavy pulses…I feel the weight of my hot seed pooling on my stomach. Oh my god, it was a heavy release…so damn heavy.

My eyes stop floating and slowly open as if awakening from a dream. Yumi is leaning in close. “Now you full.” I didn’t understand. I’m think about how I just came and now I’m emptied. She kisses me on the temple and then steps back to explain. “You were hungry for woman when you come in today but not when you leave–Now You Full.”

Yumi Opulance 7

I let Yumi know that I am always hungry for her which she seems excited to know. Inside my thoughts and heart, I can’t help but think about how filling Yumi truly is…I want more.  My journey with Yumi is taking on a new light.

Yumi - Sheet Red 3-1 v2

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