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Setting the Stage

Yumi: You Special is the third post in an ongoing true story. In Yumi: Wax On, Wax Off, I describe the fun I have with waxing and the electricity around my first contact with Yumi, a beautiful married Asian woman. Yumi: A Delicate Dance describes in some detail the erotic tension swirling around us as I lay nude on her table during my first waxing appointment.  Yumi: You Special moves the story along as I highlight memorable moments covering a time span of three appointments.

Flash Forward – “You Special”

On my second appointment, Yumi smiles warmly and leads me back to the waxing room. She steps out of the room briefly but quickly returns as I’m still undressing. Nudity is part of this experience, but it feels more erotic to be undressing with her in the room. I’m feeling certain that I’m the only man she has seen naked in recent memory besides her husband. I wonder if it excites her? Yumi makes some small talk as she prepares her wax station and steals glances. What would her husband say if he knew? It excites me that she is being a naughty girl…and wife. As I walk towards the table with my cock swinging freely, Yumi turns and watches.

Just like my first appointment, Yumi gives provides a professional waxing as I flow in and out of full-blown erections. At different moments she is holding my fully aroused cock and tight balls. As in the first appointment, she isn’t wearing gloves so her touch feels sooo good!  I also learn a few more tidbits about her. Her husband brought her to America about ten years before and her children were born in the U.S. She tells me I’m the only man she provides this type of waxing. I ask why? She says with a smile, “You special” and explains that when I first visited, the esthetician had told her she wouldn’t perform the waxing service for men. Yumi adds, “I wanted to see you again and think you go away if I don’t wax. So, I say you yes…come in. I wax you.”

When Yumi finishes with the service, I stand up with a full hard on which stretches out firm, veiny, and heavy as I walk over to my clothes. Yumi is being a naughty married girl by talking and looking at me (and my hard cock) as I dress. She is forward, “I see you next time, yes?” I think she might be enjoying this as much as I am.

Flash Forward – “You So Big”

Three weeks later, I return for my next appointment. Yumi provides another professional waxing and the session is wrapping up. I tell her I feel a little tender and ask if she has some soothing gel. She applies some oil between my buns and under my balls and oh it feels so good! I want more. I point to my cock which is now rock hard and stretched upward along my stomach and say, “It’s dry.” She points at my cock to make sure she understands my request and reaches for my hand to place the oil. I shake my head and smile, “No, you do it.”

Yumi takes a deep breath. Up to this moment, she has been faithful to her husband. Her waxing technique probably would have failed an inspection but really she had been pretty good about keeping it a non-sexual experience. This is a big moment for her. Yumi pours some oil on her fingertips. Will she touch me sexually? The anticipation is killing me as my cock stretches for her touch. Tentatively, very tentatively, she eases her fingertips along the underside of my cock which flexes to her touch. Fuck. I can’t believe she is doing it. I want more. I place my hand over hers and wrap it around my dick. Yumi doesn’t resist as I move her hand up and down my shaft. Once she finds her groove, I slowly release my hand from hers. She now has my cock pointing straight up in the air and is stroking it.…at times using both hands.

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It feels so good…my eyes are rolling. She squeezes my dick as she pulls from the bottom upward which causes my head to swell as she nears the top. I can see pre-cum dripping over her fingers and diamond engagement ring. Her mouth is open as if amazed. “Wow, you so big!” I act like I don’t hear her. “What?”  She looks into my eyes and says, “You soooo big, my gosh!” I drift deeper into the erotic haze. I wonder what she is used to stroking if she even does that at all for her husband. I will ask her about this in future. For now, I drift in pleasure.

Yumi abruptly brings me back. “Okay, that’s enough.” She swiftly returns my cock to my stomach and turns to clean up the work area. Seriously??? I protest a little—-okay, a lot—but she has other customers waiting. Damn! I’m frustrated but this is a REAL breakthrough, and I know next time will be even better. Naked and throbbing hard, I go to my clothes and Yumi is watching. I ask her to come over to me. Yumi stands before me and I take her hand and wrap it around my cock again.

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She strokes me as I slowly put on and button my dress shirt. Yumi stares at her hand as it slides across my glistening manhood. Reluctantly, I begin to put on my pants as she releases me. She squeezes the obvious impression through my slacks and makes a cute little embarrassed smile. “You big for me.” Yumi looks at me and kisses me on the cheek and says,“You so bad!”

Flash Forward – Eruption

Three weeks pass and I arrive a little early for my next appointment. The place is almost empty except for three or four girls working there. I’m told Yumi is next door shopping and they will text her. I’m taken to the waxing room and as the door closes, I can hear chatter and giggles from the girls. They are speaking another language and I have no idea what is being said. I consider undressing but decide to wait just in case it isn’t Yumi that comes back. The last thing I want to do is get her in trouble.

After a few minutes, the door opens and Yumi slips in. She appears happy to see me and is quite flirty as I undress. She doesn’t even pretend to leave the room this time. She says I am “pretty”, have a nice smile, and likes the way I dress. Yumi continues to chat as I strip down, “The girls say I have handsome man waiting. They laughing and wants to know where I wax and can they watch. I say them I wax you chest and they should be nice girls!” She laughs at her story.

During the waxing, Yumi asks if I come to see her for waxing or “this” as she points to my hard cock. I can sense she is perhaps having a little angst or guilt over the fact that she married and wants me to see her as a professional rather than say a Geisha. It was a little bit of a buzz kill because I thought she was sort of getting into this just as I was. I act surprised and playfully offended, “No Yumi! I come to see YOU and ‘this’ (pointing to my cock) is what happens when I see you.” I thought it was funny reply. She seemed to understand and said “good.”

When she is done waxing, Yumi applies some oil in her hand. Without me asking, she starts lubing up and massaging my cock and heavy balls. Hmmm, I guess as long as waxing is my intent, she is okay stroking my cock. Again, she comments on the size, “You soooo BIG”. I tell her she is so sexy and it really excites me when she says that. After a couple minutes, she stops and turns to clean up her station. Damn!!! Not this time, I need to cum!

I ask her to come back over and she does. She strokes me some more before saying she is sorry but has her next appointment probably waiting. She moves away and I ask her for some tissue and oil. At this point enough is enough and I am going to cum right now whether she likes it or not. Yumi doesn’t resist. I lube up my straining, veiny manhood and have Yumi’s undivided attention. She stares with mouth parted as my hand slides across my large slippery cock. Yumi is transfixed on my motion and the sound of my hand gliding up and down my throbbing cock.

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I’m pretty sure she never experienced a moment like this before and it adds to fuel to my fire. It is hot having this beautiful woman watching me masturbate and I want to put on a good little show for her. I make small thrusting motions with my hips as I stroke and fuck my hand…wanting her to imagine it is her pussy…imagining I’m filling, stretching open, and fucking her good and deep. I come to the top and squeeze as I circle my plump head which drips with pre-cum. I think to myself, “mmmm, look close Yumi…this is where your plump cherry lips should be with your tongue swirling and savoring my dripping honey.” She begins to massage my balls and this propels me over the edge. I cum with such unexpected intensity! There is a flash before my eyes and I turn my head quickly just as my first rope splashes with a creamy smack against my neck and over my shoulder onto the floor. Multiple ropes shoot out all over my chest and abs. Yumi is nothing but wide-eyed with mouth open in amazement. Oh, how I wish I had been releasing deep inside her pussy and flooding her cervix!

As I come back to earth, Yumi is smiling with an amazed look and whispers, “Oh my god. You so sexy…” I tell her how sexy she is and how she drives my crazy. It is true and she appreciates feeling desired. She holds onto my balls and massages them for a moment more before gathering more tissue and a warm rag to clean up the cum off my stomach, chest, neck…and floor beyond me.

As I leave the room, I enter a different world. It is now bustling in the spa. There are a handful of Asian men and women taking care of maybe ten women at different stages of pedicures and manicures. I’m sure my face is flushed and my eyes are glassy. My cock remains swollen with cum still leaking from my momentarily spent manhood. How many of them would ever suspect what had just happened behind those thin walls.  Leaving the spa, the anticipation for my next appointment is already rising…hopefully for both of us.

I'll Dance for You

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