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In Yumi: Wax On, Wax Off, I introduce the benefits I enjoy from waxing. You can find the entire Yumi series here – Yumi. My quest for a new esthetician leads me to check out an upscale Asian spa where I meet Yumi—a beautiful, married Asian woman. After describing the flirting and electricity flowing between Yumi and I during this first visit, the post ends with Yumi ultimately agreeing to provide waxing for me…in the more intimate regions.

The First Reveal

Arriving for my appointment, Yumi gives me a professional greeting and takes me to the private waxing room near the back of the spa. The room has thin walls separating the space from the manicure and pedicure stations. Yumi gestures towards the waxing table, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Ah yes, in just a few moments I am going to be totally nude in front of the lovely Yumi. The “first reveal” is both exciting and awkward. It is exciting because I am a selective exhibitionist. Without delving into exhibitionism at this moment, I’ll just say it is one of the things I enjoy. The moment is also awkward. It isn’t like we have been making out and I’m stripping down to give her what her husband doesn’t–a throbbing cock for her tight, starving pussy. It’s more like, “Hey, nice to meet you. Excuse me while I get naked.”

The first reveal invariably leads to another first. Yumi will likely see my erection. A man’s erection is an intimate secret reserved for our lover(s). Today, I will be revealing a personal secret about myself to Yumi—the full measure of my cock—in a situation where it is inappropriate for her to do anything about it or even comment…even if she wanted to. The silence in this moment is sweet torture and such a fantastic mind fuck for me and, hopefully, my therapist or esthetician. She will touch my hard cock as she waxes me. Yet, neither of us will say a word about it. While I wouldn’t call this unspoken event the “elephant” in the room, we might be able to come up with other metaphors.

Yumi is returning soon so I quickly strip down and lay confidently on the table with my cock slightly swollen and draped over my balls.

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There is a soft knock at the door and, without waiting for a reply, Yumi enters. The moment is priceless. She is wide-eyed and apologetic as her eyes dart rapidly between my package and eyes, “Ohhh! So sorry…I meant to leave towel…you want towel? So sorry!” I decline the towel with a smile, “No, I’m okay. Thank you.” Yumi seems nervous and turns her attention to her the waxing station. I would love to know what she was thinking in this moment.

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As I tend to do, my mind races with questions as I try to fill the silent void with context. Is she happy? Does her husband make her feel special? Does he let her know how sweet, adored, and beautiful she is or does he take her for granted? She no doubt has fantasies. Has he been open to exploring and satisfying her sexual desires or is he dismissive and uses her only for his dwindling sex drive? How did she like the view when she came in the room? Is she excited?

I see her with new eyes in all her exquisite beauty. I savor her curves and how she moves. I want to explore her body, heart, and mind…to unleash the passionate, affection-starved being inside her. Does she have any idea how amazing her eyes look? The time she puts into “putting on her eyes” is time well spent. I notice and appreciate it. A woman’s eyes (of any color) are probably my favorite feature. Yumi lashes are like butterfly wings and I feel every blink deep inside. My thoughts spiral. I imagine sinking my hands deeply in her long hair and gripping it as I bend her over and slowly working my manhood into her tight ass as she writhes in pleasure beneath me. I wonder if she fantasizes about being sexually dominated and taken like this…as I mark my spot. The room feels electric as we enter the delicate dance.

The Delicate Dance

The delicate dance is about finding the right balance between receiving a legitimate professional service requiring some nudity and the appropriate level of flirting. I’m receiving professional grooming that I actually do want and don’t want to offend her. On the other hand, I want to explore her naughty side and let her know I am attracted to her. If I come on too strong, I might scare her away or get kicked out of the spa. Being expelled from the spa would be very embarrassing so I tread lightly. I need to build both her trust and arousal at a pace she is comfortable with. This takes time and is a delicate dance.

Yumi turns to me and inhales deeply as if gathering herself. It seems that for the first time she realizes as part of her job she will need to touch me. Yumi comes to my side and rests her hand softly…almost teasingly on my thigh. She isn’t wearing the gloves many esthetician’s wear. The warmth and softness of her touch on my smooth muscular thigh transmits an electric surge to my balls as I feel them rise. I feel a little light headed as my blood flow is diverted elsewhere. I try to describe and show her where I need waxing as I move my cock and balls around. Damn, I can already feel myself getting hard. I’m finding it hard to process my thoughts and form coherent sentences. I laugh inside. Yumi probably thinks English is my second language too.

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I could make Yumi’s work easier by assisting her with moving my cock and balls around but instead rest my hands behind my head and make it clear she is on her own to touch me. Yumi gets on with her work as she pushes, lifts, and holds my balls as she works on the sides and underneath.

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At one point, she has me spread my legs and place one leg on the outside of her so she can apply hot wax between my buns. She is moving my cock around asking questions and I have no idea what she is saying. Most estheticians touch with the thumb and maybe one or two fingers. Yumi is wrapping her hand around my cock.

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Having my legs spread with Yumi between them applying hot wax is too much! My cock swells to full mast with veins spiraling down my length. I can see pre-cum beginning to pool and drip down my plump head. It is so fucking hot…and awkward. She might just think that I get hard all of the time and it isn’t because of her. She would be going out on a limb to do something sexual at this moment…as would I. But, there it is. My hard cock stretching out proud before her in our mutual silence.

Yumi next turns her focus to waxing the base of my straining sex. She moves me left and right, up and down…I am absolutely swept away in erotic fire! Her diamond engagement ring is pressed against my cock…yes, I think see pre-cum dripping over it. This is such a hot visual. There are erections and then there are ERECTIONS! I am definitely experiencing the latter. Everything about this moment was making me absolutely throb! Her technique was certainly questionable and I wanted her to know I liked it. “Yumi, this feels amazing. You are doing a great job…this is just what I needed.”

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It has likely been a long time since Yumi as seen a naked man (other than her husband) in a long time and probably the first non-Asian man she has ever seen nude. Tapping into a woman’s fantasies and helping her explore them is such an exciting rush. It is equal to, if not greater than pursuing my own fantasies. I can be vessel of sexual discovery and bring her fantasies to life. We can create the moments and memories she will always remember. Will she climb on board?

Despite my mind running wild, Yumi’s handling of my cock comes in brief waves and only to reposition me or check her work. She calms and distracts me by making small talk about her children and other random topics in broken English. She asks me questions about work that are killing my arousal. I hadn’t picked up on her English at first but as our conversation expands, I begin to realize she must be a first generation American. Her broken English only adds to the allure of her eastern glow.

Oh, to slip my fingers in her pussy and feel her arousal. Would I find her dripping wet or unaffected? I consider pressing her boundaries further this first visit but don’t want to risk it being my last waxing with her. We made good progress today, and I know time is running tight. As this first session comes to a close, Yumi smiles and confides, “I not supposed to wax man like this. You call next time and ask for me, say Yumi. Say you need leg or chest wax.”

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I was having a hard time reading Yumi so her comments offered some much needed insight. Yumi is clearly being a naughty girl and wife by providing this service. I must have made a good first impression. With a mischievous smile, I agree to her request.

How far will Yumi go?