Officer and A Gentleman

It seems like a lifetime ago…

I am a newly commissioned military officer at my first duty assignment. The ratio of men to women on military bases and in remote military-dominated towns is terrible for men. The balance of the world seems off kilter. To make matters worse, I am an officer and it is against regulations for us to fraternize with enlisted girls. My pool of women is nothing but a puddle. The rule against fraternization feels like an archaic class system but one that is essential to protect the chain of command, sustain morale, reduce bias and preferential treatment, maintain confidence in leadership, and to ensure the mission isn’t compromised.

The regulations around fraternization are specific when it comes to subordinates but offer a little wiggle room for those not in the same chain of command. Overall though, it is frowned upon and I wanted no part of it. Women are definitely my “achilles heel”, but I had been good about keeping myself out of trouble and planned to keep it that way.

It is mid-morning on a Saturday when the doorbell to my off-base townhouse rings. I’m naked as usual. I slip on some shorts and answer the door. Laura, an enlisted girl from my unit, is at the door. She is casually dressed but her outfit is hot. The time she spent on her makeup and eyes was time well spent. It is really a striking moment to see her like this compared to how she looks in uniform with minimal makeup. While Laura is in my unit, she is not in direct chain of command. Still, she is enlisted. But, she is also a cute 19 year old girl with a tight little body.

Officer and A Gentleman 2

Laura explains she is heading out for some shopping and apologizes for waking me up. “I was in the area and thought I’d stop by to say hello.” I had no idea she even knew where I lived. I was a gentleman and invited here inside.

We sit on opposite ends of the couch and have some small talk. Slowly, she begins to turn up the heat. She compliments me on my body and asks about my love life. It feels really awkward and I can feel the sexual tension rising. She acknowledges it must be hard to be a handsome officer in such a small town. I’m starting to sweat. My urge to carry her up to my bedroom and pound her pussy is instinctual. I am designed for this. My mind is still in control though and I fight my manly urges.

Officer and A Gentleman 6

I deflect her subtle advances and suggest she must have hundreds of guys hitting on her all of them. She says something to the effect that they are immature boys just after one thing. She works herself to my side of the couch. I’m in trouble. The pressure to restrain myself as she becomes more overt is becoming unbearable. She says, “I have fantasized about kissing you a thousand times.” Laura leans in to kiss me but I stop her.

“I can’t…we can’t do this.” She doesn’t like it my reaction. “Why? Because you are an officer? Because you think you are better than me? You don’t like me or think I’m pretty enough?” Her words sting. Everything she says is the opposite of what I feel. I come from a very modest upbringing and never had anything given to me. I’m not “better than”. As for women, I want every woman I touch to feel beautiful and adored. But…I can’t touch her physically or emotionally. Keeping the distance between us isn’t my idea…it is the regulations.

She continues to press. “I don’t work for you and you aren’t my officer in charge. You are a man and I am woman…that is all that is real!” She tries to kiss me again, but I hold her back. Undeterred, Laura is now up on the couch and on her knees pressing her heavenly body against me. It is such a ridiculous scene…a woman is sexually attacking me and I am trying to hold her off.

She finally sits back and pouts. “Fine, you don’t have to kiss me.” There is some awkward silence. “What, would you do if I rubbed your leg?” I didn’t respond. A girl’s sensual and curious touch…it has been too long. The five-knuckle shuffle only goes so far. Even when I switch hands to make it feel like a new woman, it only goes so far. Laura slips her hand on my thigh and massages me as she talks about other stuff. It’s as if she thinks her conversation will cause me to notice she is touching me. Her hand finds its way under my shorts and is soon touching my bare thigh. My cock is doing its best to rip through my shorts.

Laura takes care of freeing this tension by opening my pants and my hard cock springs free. Laura grabs my manhood. “Wow, lieutenant…very nice…I knew it would be.” How much can one man take? With my hard cock in hand she leans in again to kiss me. Again, I resist. “You can touch me but I’m not going to kiss you.” I say this like I am upholding some military decorum. Well, at least my cock was at attention and presenting a full salute.

Officer and A Gentleman 8

She pouts and asks if kissing is too personal or emotional for me? As my circulation centered elsewhere, my ability to think clearly and resist was fading. I made one last attempt to resist.

“Look, you came to my door wanting something. This is all I can give. You can leave at any time.” She didn’t like my answer, “You don’t have to be an asshole…Sir. You are making me feel like a slut and I’m not! I like you and what’s so wrong about that? This isn’t what I wanted…not like this.” I reiterated, “Like I said…” Laura stands up and seems to have grasped my not-so-subtle clues. Dionysus was having mercy and turning this crazed girl away from me. Not so fast.

Instead of leaving, she begins to take her clothes off.

Officer and A Gentleman 3“I know you’re excited, I felt your amazing cock. You are still hard and you want me, don’t you?” Wow. I couldn’t believe a woman had basically just walked up to my door and was now stripping for me. As a teenager, I dreamed of moments like this. What would be like to have women practically throwing themselves at me? I wanted to be “that guy”.

Officer and A Gentleman 4

After full undressing, Laura gives me some to time to visually to take in her beautiful form. It is a very bold move and moment. If there was ever any doubt that I wasn’t going to fuck her, it is gone. She walks slowly back to the couch. I anticipate her trying to kiss me again but she doesn’t. Instead, Laura settles in beside me and takes my cock in her mouth. Damn, I can’t believe how determined she is.

Officer and Gentleman 11 v3

I have been so passive during this process which is completely uncharacteristic of how I flow in these moments. Now, I’ve surrendered to my primal urges and this wild child of nature before me. I place my hands firmly on her head and begin slowly fucking her mouth as I work more and more of cock into the back of her throat. Sensing that I have joined her in this journey. She slips off the couch and onto her knees.

Laura removes my pants and is soon worshipping my cock like it was the first and last one she will ever have. There is a difference between a blow job and cock worshipping. I once heard it said that a blow job is something a woman does for a man. Cock worship is something a woman does for herself. Laura seems so happy and content as she savors every bit of my family pride. She inhales my scent while studying, licking, kissing all around my shaft. She moans with sighs of pleasure as she takes me deep inside her lustful mouth. I feed her my balls to make sure they aren’t ignored.

I don’t know about other men, but I enjoy having my heavy balls savored almost as much as being deep throated. It is so hot to have a woman take one of my balls in her mouth while holding my cock and looking up into my eyes. It is a feeling of being completely devoured. Laura does this as she looks into my eyes. One ball is sucked into her lips, one hand wrapped tight around my cock, and her eyes are filled with lust. I am leaning back and mesmerized by the scene unfolding before my eyes.

Laura wants to go to my bedroom but I refuse. “Anything we do, happens here.” With my last remnants of self-preservation still floating through my clouded judgment, I wanted to be able to say with conviction that I never kissed her and didn’t want her to be able describe my bedroom. Instead, I mounted her from behind and fucked her on the couch. As she had demonstrated, she was willing to take what she could get. And, she was getting it now.

Officer & Gentleman 13 v3

I was only five years older than Laura but that difference between 19 and 24 years old is a big one. It felt good to return and dip my cock deeply into the fountain of youth. I like to think that these days I’m a much better lover than I was back then. Even so, I was still a good fuck and gave her a very good fucking.

I moved between grabbing her hips and thrusting with hard, deep strokes to squeezing her ass and spanking her. I did my best to redden her cheeks and gape her tight, little pussy. She had been the pursuer, but I was now in control. I wanted her to know it and feel it. I grab her head and palm it as I push her into the couch while exploring the depths of her secret garden. Laura is really getting into it. She mentioned her frustration with “the boys” and based on her orgasmic reactions, she was enjoying being fucked by man. This moment was our escape from the world where we reconnect with our wild nature and are free to just be. This magic moment.

Officer & Gentleman 14

It is odd but I felt somewhat beside myself during this entire morning. It was as if I was outside my body watching and analyzing me and Laura. I wondered what she really wanted? What dreams filled her thoughts..what void I filled…how would she remember today? I thought about her future husband and how he would never know she once walked into a man’s house and then proceeded to strip and fuck him without even kissing this man…me. He would never how much I enjoyed bending his bride over on the couch and jamming her face into the cushion while plowing her tight, little pussy from behind and spanking her hot ass.

Officer & Gentleman 15

Thoughts about how naughty Laura was being combined with the tightness of her silky wet pussy pushes me over the edge. I grab her hips and begin power fucking her with what can only be described as the wild force of nature. Every ounce of my being and consciousness was centered on the primal space where we connected. We were both screaming with pleasure as eruption gathered deep in my balls. I gathered myself enough to pull out and jettison multiple heavy ropes of my creamy essence all over her back and sexy ass. Her ass was bright red and my cum was spread all over her buns and lower back…marking my spot.

Being a gentleman, I grabbed a warm cloth to clean her up. I wanted her to stay but needed her to go. Laura wanted to stay. “I can go out and get some groceries. We can watch movies and hang out if you want. I’ll fix you dinner and you can take me anytime you want. We’ll stay in bed and I’ll take good care of you, I promise.”

Officer & Gentleman 16

Decisions. It didn’t bother me at all that she had been so aggressive. I admired her courage and desire. Really, we were kindred spirits. I recognized her on a deeper level and I think she knew this. I would have loved for her to stay the day or even longer. I certainly wasn’t drowning in pussy at this godforsaken base. It was more than sex though. Within her was a energy that I am drawn to. I think she saw the same in me and that is why she came to me.  In my current situation though, she was very dangerous. I couldn’t put everything I had worked for at risk. Well, I did put it as risk…once. I just couldn’t push my luck. She was an enlisted girl and I was an officer…and a gentleman.