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This is the first post in a series dedicated to my journey with Yumi. It begins with an impromptu and rather cavalier meeting where I’m just messing around and being playful. It will evolve into something much deeper and soulful.

Yumi: Wax On, Wax Off

I’m shopping in an upscale retail area and notice a spa offering waxing and massage services in addition to facial and nail treatments. As you will see in future posts, I thoroughly enjoy getting massages. As a physically active man, part of my enjoyment comes from the therapeutic benefits of bodywork. I also enjoy massages as an opportunity for a little playful exhibitionism if the vibe seems right with the therapist. In fact, I have a blog category devoted to my naughty spa adventures that I will be sharing soon.

Waxing is another guilty indulgence. Yes, waxing. I like being waxed between my buns, around and including my balls, and the base of my cock.

There are several reasons for waxing:

  • It makes me feel well groomed, orderly, and fresh.
  • I love the feeling of having the hot wax applied between by buns along with the sudden pull followed by a quick soothing touch.
  • Having smooth skin heightens my sensitivity and sexual pleasure. I love having my smooth, highly sensitive balls touched, sucked, and massaged.
  • It creates a slippery slope. Since I have begun waxing, it seems women more frequently drift from my cock to silky smooth, heavy balls and then to my smooth hairless ass. This, as you ladies likely know, is such an INTENSE pleasure. My feet almost cramping right now just thinking about it, ha!
  • As I mentioned earlier, I am also a playful exhibitionist. I’m intrigued by the idea of stripping all the way down before a woman that I’ve never met before and savoring her reaction as we both try to carry on like I’m naked. There is also a good chance I will get hard during the waxing and this will also present her with a handful of decisions to make. I savor this delicate dance.

Waxing for men in the more intimate zones requires a little effort. The majority of female estheticians don’t offer this service. However, for whatever reason, I have noticed that if I inquire in person, my odds improve. This is my strategy for today.

Walking into this spa, I quickly assess my surroundings. There are ten or so tables where manicures are given and maybe ten reclining chairs for pedicures. Immediately to my left is a makeup station and before me an unattended receptionist desk. There are a handful of Asian girls and men who are busy taking care of the female clientele. I can feel a lot of eyes on me and they linger longer than they should. I imagine they aren’t used to seeing male customers walking in.

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Within a few minutes, a stunning Asian woman comes to the front to greet me. She introduces herself as Yumi. It is as if she walked right out of a dreamy haze and now stands before me. I’m instantly immersed in her exotic eastern glow. She appears to have a tight little body with perky breasts and is wearing traditional clothing with platform heels. Even in those heels, she can’t be over 5’ 4”. The heels make her tone calves pop and hint at similarly tone thighs hidden beneath her dress. Her hair is raven black, long, and pulled into a stylish ponytail. Her smile is engaging and framed with full cherry-red lips. Her deep brown eyes seem infused with light and twinkle with excitement. My thoughts drift momentarily…it would be so amazing to feel those plump cherry lips stretched wide and wrapped tight around my hard cock.

I am soooo hoping Yumi is the massage therapist as inquire about scheduling a massage appointment. Yumi lets me know the therapist is out but offers to book an appointment. Damn. I put that aside for the moment and move into my real reason for stopping by. Hoping to have some innocent fun with our dialogue, I ask “Do you offer waxing for men?” My heart races as I anticipate her next question. She delivers on cue, “What waxing you need?” I flash a bashful boyish smile and savor the awkward embarrassment of the moment I know is coming. I move my hands over my package and ass and say with a smile, “I’m looking for waxing down below”. She looks surprised.

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In an instant, I’ve created an inner swirl in the mind of a woman I just met by directing her thoughts to my cock and balls. It is a reasonable request though so it isn’t like I walked in and flashed her. Yumi is slightly flustered and obviously wasn’t expecting my reply. “We…I…um, not sure we do that for mans.” Yumi is offering up some uncertain resistance so I have a chance. I inject a little humor and a warm smile into the discussion. I work the waxing proposition and explain that I’m a “good boy” and just trying to find a reliable place for regular waxing. I’m not really sure understands everything I’m saying. Yumi smiles and at least seems to be enjoying the playful, non-threatening boyish charm as I make my case. I’m a good closer. Our eyes continue to drift up and down one another’s bodies as we laugh and talk.

As her initial impression continues to wash over me, I have a strange sensation that she is wearing a mask. She is guarded and trying to hide what she is feeling, but Yumi is failing. Her energy is spilling out and infusing me. We are connecting and I can feel it. It isn’t like this happens all the time but I know it when it happens. Magic is present.

Yumi’s eyes linger bashfully on mine. I find myself licking my lips subtly as we talk…imagining I’m kissing her and tasting her arousal. She is stealing glances at my lips. I wonder if she is feeling the same magnetic pull. What daydreams are flashing through her thoughts?

Yumi Spa Revisited 2-1

Yumi’s accent and modest English only enhance the eastern glow I feel radiating and warming me. Clearly, she wasn’t born in the U.S. and much of her traditional culture must remain. I find other cultures and ethnicities interesting, and I am immediately fascinated with Yumi. I notice she is also wearing a large diamond ring and wedding band. I’m envious of her husband.

She says she will check with the therapist for available massage appointments and finally concedes that if the therapist agrees to waxing it is okay in her spa. In her spa? I’m impressed. She say “I call you later when I have answer.” I had hoped it would be Yumi that provided both services and this wasn’t exactly the reply I wanted. Regardless, I felt something with Yumi and sensed that she felt it too. Leaving the spa, I knew I had to find a way to spend more time with her…even if I had to endure pedicures and a foot massage.

A few days pass with no call from Yumi so I call back to the spa to follow up on my waxing. An Asian girl answers the phone and asks what I need? I start explaining what happened a couple days ago when I first visited. The voice on the other end of the phone is suddenly very alive and filled with energy. “Yes! I remember you from other day. You come in today for wax? I will do it.” At that moment I realize I am speaking with Yumi. This is an unexpected and very exciting turn of events! I schedule my appointment for later in the afternoon.

Wow, my thoughts are spinning as the erotic swirl takes flight. In three hours I will strip down and stand completely nude before Yumi. She will touch my cock and balls as she waxes me. Really, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t usually get this pumped up for moments like this but there is something about Yumi that is calling to me. My thoughts continue to swirl. I wonder if she has ever seen a nude American man? Is this something she has fantasized about? Why did she offer to do the waxing for me? How will she react when I am naked on her waxing table? Will I be the first man she has waxed? Will it matter that Yumi is a married woman? What are the odds that her husband knows what Yumi is doing? If he did know, how would he feel about it? Why did she say yes? I had an endless stream of questions and visions dancing through my mind.

In a few hours will know more. To read what happens next, visit Yumi: A Delicate Dance. The entire Yumi series is available here – Yumi.