We have fantasized about tonight hundreds of times while sharing erotic stories as we made love. Tonight though it is real. For the past several hours, I have been intermittently stroking my cock while taking photos and video of a muscular black man  having his way with my lover, Amber. As a cuckold, it is one thing to be aroused “thinking” about your lover being with another man. It is another experience to actually see it.

I’m not going to pass off my reaction to this as a casual experience filled with nothing but arousal. While it IS very hot, it also elicits a deep emotional burn. I recognize in an abstract way, that I’m not the only man capable of pleasing Amber. But, to see her wet and screaming with pleasure from the cock and touch another man shines an entirely different light. An uneasy realization sets in as I witness her responding in ways she never has with me. I will no longer need to wonder if I hold the place of “best sex ever” in her mind. I’m witnessing another man fucking her better. I’m engulfed in a whirlwind of emotions—love and betrayal, devotion and lust, pride and emasculation. You name any two contrasting emotions and I’m feeling it. It is an erotic tempest I have long craved.

Terrance pounds my girl’s tight pussy with his huge black cock as my heart absolutely beats out of my chest. The whole scene has my stomach hurting a bit and I feel a bit queasy. Still, I can’t deny my obvious arousal. My cock is rock hard and throbbing with thick, silky strands of pre-cum dripping heavily and falling to floor or finding a home along the inside of my thighs. What a sight I must have been for Amber and Terrance…if they even noticed. Amber would later confess there were moments where she so swept away in how Terrance made her feel that she completely forgot I was in the room. Hearing her admit to this only further cemented how much she really had enjoyed Terrance.

As the evening unfolded, Amber and I cross one erotic threshold after another. For the first time since meeting me, Amber kisses another man…strokes and sucks his hefty manhood…and spreads her legs to welcome his long, thick black cock deep inside her secret garden. All the while, I look on stroking my cock and taking photos of another man transporting my girl to heights of sexual pleasure she has never known before. This was my intent. It is my gift of pleasure to her and intensely erotic mind fuck for me.

It is as if from out of nowhere, this relatively unknown man walks into our life, beds my woman, and stakes claim to the most amazing cock she has ever had. It isn’t exactly a random appearance though. We had carefully selected Terrance from a long list of candidates. He had a high sexual IQ when it came to cuckolding. He not only understood what we wanted but seemed fully capable of providing us with the experience. Beyond that, we were looking for certain physical attributes from our Bull and Terrance was physically gifted. His cock was a good three inches longer than mine and much thicker…such a powerful and dominating visual. He sent Amber plenty of cock shots during the buildup. Contrary to what most women say about “dic pics”, these photos kept Amber on edge and wet with anticipation for weeks leading into tonight.

From the first moment she laid her eyes and hands upon his manhood, he commanded Amber’s erotic devotion and submission. Amber stroked and marveled at his length and thickness as she looked over at me and said, “Oh…my…god.” We sometimes hear that women aren’t that interested in size. Let me tell you, it is a mesmerizing moment of truth to see the woman you love marveling at the size of another man’s cock. Amber’s soft, white hands seemed so tiny as she wrapped both of them along the length of his dark chocolate cock and pumped up and down.

The sense of emasculation engulfing me is one that many cuckolds experience and actually crave. In comparison to Terrance, my cock is smaller and thinner…really, it isn’t even close. I know Amber adores me and our love making is without question so passionate and intense. Yet, as soon as she got ahold of Terrance’s cock, I practically ceased to exist. Seeing a woman sexually transported into such a transcendent state of arousal by another man is a heady experience…especially when you love her. Of course, this was part of the plan and makes the moment even hotter for me. I have brought Amber to this space where she can freely tap into and satisfy her primal urges.

Amber 1


Throughout the evening Terrance moved between deep, slow grooves to moments of absolutely pounding my girl’s once tight pussy.  At one point, she rides him in the cowgirl position. I snap photos of her pussy stretched so tight and wide around his veiny thickness as her creamy arousal literally streams down his length and onto his balls. He must have brought her to ten or more orgasms over the course of the night. Who knows, from the sound of her moaning and screaming it was impossible to keep count. At one point, he even made her squirt…something she had never done before.

Towards the end, Terrance had reduced Amber to a mostly limp and fully sated fuck doll. She was in a state where he could have done anything he wanted and she was eager to receive his pleasure. I watched as she lay exhausted on her back with Terrance powerfully driving his black cock inside her well-fucked pussy. Her hair was wet and tussled…her eyes glassy with pleasure. This black man had given her so much pleasure and she wanted nothing more than to feel him emptying his powerful cock inside her. Giving signs that his own orgasm was building, Amber’s white hands grip Terrance’s beefy ass as she begs and pleads with him to cum inside her.

The thought of this moment has always made both of us so excited during our storytelling sessions. Now, it was really happening. I watch as my woman pleads, coaxes, and begs another man to cum inside her. He moans loudly as his thick black cock pulses and releases what seems like an endless river of cum-filled ropes inside Amber’s eager pussy. Witnessing the full unleashed passion of your lover thrusting wildly and orgasming as another man pumps his sperm inside her is a mind-bender of the highest order!

When he finally pulls out, I catch a glimpse of something I will never forget. For a brief instance, I see a large white pool of sperm inside Amber’s gaped pussy. It looks like a cup that is about to overflow. Almost instantly, her cum-filled pussy begins clinching and contracting as if trying to gather and hold on to its treasure…pulling it deep inside towards her fertile womb.

The woman I love now lays exhausted against her black lover. Both are covered in sweat and glowing with a sexual aura. Amber’s legs are spread with her left leg draped over his muscular right thigh. His creamy seeds drips from her well-fucked pussy and swollen lips. She looks at me a little uncertainly as she lightly runs her finger between her cum-filled lips.

Amber 2 v3


Amber then moves into the next phase of our fantasy. I feel reassured that she hasn’t lost “us” in all of this. She speaks to me directly but is indirectly filling in Terrance on part of our fantasy.

“Michael, when it is just us in this moment, you usually get a warm towel to soothe my pussy and clean me up with. Since you haven’t done anything for me tonight, I want you to clean me with your tongue. I can tell Terrance left a lot for you to clean up….”

She wants me to lick his cum from her pussy. I hesitate. I feel embarrassed and shamed, but my smaller white cock is achingly hard. The passing seconds of hesitation feel like hours as my mind fully absorbs all the emotions and thoughts of a lifelong fantasy that is now reality. Terrance is laying there like he is king of the world with my sexually satisfied girl all nestled into his body. His spent flaccid cock is still larger than my fully erect and straining penis. He appears almost smug as he runs his hands all over her body like he owns her. She responded to him in a way I have never experienced with her. He knows he just gave this beautiful woman the best fucking of her life. Amber knows it. I know it too. Terrance’s creamy seed continues to slowly drips from my girl’s well-fucked pussy.

I had introduced the fantasy to Amber. She initially resisted and told me I was the only man she needed and ever wanted to be inside her. Still, I persisted. Over time she finally warmed to the thought of a black man taking her in front of me. Now, she lays beside this man in awe of what he had done to her and how he made her feel. The reality had lived up to and even exceeded the fantasy.

Could I actually complete this odd but incredibly erotic humiliation by swallowing his sperm from my lover’s pussy? Was it not enough that I had just watched this hung black guy fuck my woman and know she just experienced the best sex of her life? Was it not enough that my lover would now think of me as having a small cock? Would she now think about the cock size of other men and wonder if they could take her back to that orgasmic place? Did I have to add to the humiliation and emasculation by going down on her and swallowing the sperm from best cock she ever had? Would it change things for Amber to see me acknowledging my place in the sexual hierarchy like this? Playfully biting her lip, she runs her fingers lightly along her wet and swollen lips, “Baby, I’m waiting…”

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