(Sienna writes from her hotel room)

This hotel is amazing…so historic, classic, and beautiful. I used to stay here just because of the service and sense of living in the antebellum South. The bellmen here are mostly black men dressed in suits and wearing white gloves. When I first started staying here, I remember feeling like they were looking at me in a sexual way. It was a subtle gaze, but it made me feel flushed and oddly excited. I was aware of the talk and jokes my girlfriends had around the endowment of black men, but I was too innocent and shy to say anything or ask them questions. While my sexual curiosity was certainly present, I would look away from these men and what felt like lustful gazes so as not to encourage them. Honestly, it made me have naughty thoughts and flushed feelings but it would quickly pass and I would get on with my day. 

Then I met you. Your fantasy of wanting to watch me with black men awakened those dark taboo desires from deep within me. Baby, it is so exciting and I LOVE that this makes you hot! I want to fulfill all your needs, wants, and fantasies. I want to completely fulfill you! For me to want to fuck a man I don’t even know is so out of character for me. To be filled with such lust and desire to fuck a black man just because he has a big cock is something I would have never done before meeting you. To have these desires encouraged by the man I love and for you to want it to happen in front of you is so damn crazy hot! It’s such an epic “wrong” in my head but it makes me so wet! Baby, this is an incredible gift you have given to me! 

My passing interactions with black men are so crazy now. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I feel like I have become a magnet. It’s as if they somehow sense my dark craving and will go out of their way to say hi and flirt with me. Maybe they sense my eyes lingering on them in a sexual way? Like I mentioned, I used to always look away but now I find myself trying to sneak peeks down at their pants in hopes of seeing the outline of what I am craving. I can’t even help it…I just have to look and see! The truth is, it is probably more accurate to say that black men are a magnet for me. I find myself feeling so very attracted to fit black men! Well, just their cocks, ha! 


This morning I pulled up to a place for breakfast and a car pulled in beside me. I glanced over and it was a handsome black man. I waited for him to get out of the car just so I could watch him in my rear view mirror as he went in. He was athletic looking and well dressed. I just had to take a moment and savor the erotic feelings that swept through me as I imagined what it would feel like to have him inside me.

Oh, and last night…it was the craziest thing! I went out to dinner with my sister and a tall muscular black man entered the restaurant with his date. He sat near my table and kept checking me out. I caught him staring at me several times or maybe he caught me staring at him. He kept looking over at me and smiling. He even winked at me one time which made me smile and had my pussy tingling. My sister picked up on this flirting and laughingly asked what was going on!? Nothing happened of course but this is more of “the vibe” I must be emitting now. I did notice his feet were really large too….

Everywhere I go, I’m connecting with black men and my pussy is constantly soaked. After getting to my room tonight at the hotel, I was feeling so aroused after being around all those hung Black Bulls during check in. My legs were actually a little weak and shaky! I lay back on the bed with you on my mind. I imagined your warm breath on my neck and your hands wandering down to my sexy wetness below. You ask in a deep quiet tone how I wanted to feel you? “Baby, do you want three fingers inside you so it feels like a thick black cock or would you like to feel my little white cock sliding in first?”

Thinking about you close and the sound of your voice made me even wetter as I anticipated the difference I would feel. I slipped one finger and then three inside my soaked pussy. I wanted to once again feel the sensation of a thick black cock stretching me wide and I made myself cum so good, mmmm! It feels so crazy to be so in love with you and yet my lips are constantly engorged and moist as I daydream and fantasize about having another big black cock inside me!!!! 🔥😘🔥😘🔥😘💋

My earlier orgasm wasn’t enough though, and I’m so glad I made a purchase before coming on this trip. I bought a realistic looking dark chocolate vibrator. It is larger than you but I’m not sure that necessarily qualifies it as big. It is about two inches longer though and MUCH thicker. Before going to bed tonight, I will have it so I can feel totally full and pleasured. Now that a Black Bull has given me more, I find myself craving that extra sensation of fullness.🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃 Maybe we can use this when we are together? After you have had your fill of your girl, you can use the toy on me? 😘 

Baby, I wish I had your cock embedded between my lips right now. I would be sucking and loving your smooth, yummy little white cock while thinking about how different it would be to have a Big Black Cock in mouth and how good it will feel in my white pussy. Mmmm, I would definitely be thinking about it! Baby, I love that this turns you on. It has opened such an erotic world of hot, naughty play for us! ❤❤❤ 

I’m imagining a moment that I would have never imagined before but am so craving right now! I Love when you take me from behind and are squeezing and fucking my ass. I am craving your little cock moving comfortably in and out of my ass as my pussy drips with sweet slippery nectar. You pull out of my tight space and see my pink fleshy lips below are swollen and dripping with arousal…I want more! You spank my ass and graze the lips of my pussy as you spank me. It get so hot when you spank my naughty pussy. I’m yearning and begging for more! You smack your little cock against my soaked pussy before easily sliding the length of your manhood inside me and withdrawing…teasing me so good!

Mmmm, I can feel you burying yourself inside me to the base with no more to give and I love it! Yet, you are giving me the full length of your manhood, and I am wanting more than you can fill me with. I crave to feel what it would be like to have more from my man if only you were longer and thicker, but you don’t have anymore to give me. You move your fullness in and out me and it is such a tease. Oh Baby, you’re making me crazy! I want more, baby! More, more, more!!! I realize then that what I really want is more COCK! What I really need is another man’s cock…a bigger cock…a big thick black cock! Baby, I need it! I am craving and needing a Big Black Cock! Fuck!!!

Sweet Baby, it has been too long since I felt my tight white pussy being COMPLETELY filled and stretched beyond feeling. Please find a Black Bull stud to service your girl and give me what I need…a long, thick black cock! It is such a hot rush for me to be with the man I love and still have the freedom to beg for and crave more—to freely and openly desire another man’s larger black cock! Baby, I need to be stretched and filled FULL! Mmmm, I am begging, needing, and pleading for more! It has been too long…find a black man to physically fulfill me in ways you can’t…give your girl what she needs and craves! 

Baby, I have to go for now. Mmmmmm, I love you! My pussy is dripping for you love!!! I love you so much! ❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘


This was a super-hot email to receive from my lover. Sienna is a beautiful woman–sexy and fit with curves in all the right places. We began our loving journey as passionate lovers and that never left. Over time, we opened up and shared our fantasies. This letter is a peek inside the evolution of our fantasies and our sexual journey together. In the end though, it was always about us and that is how her message ended–her wanting, loving, and craving her man…and more.

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