Darius 6 copy 2 v3

Naughty Angel speaks to the psychology of contrast, duality, and breaking free of social conventions. The erotic rush associated with breaking from societal norms is part of the psychology and behavior the ancient Greeks associated with Dionysus and it is, therefore, part of the Dionysian experience.

She is the love of your life and returns the energy to you. She loves and adores you…so sweet and angelic. Yet, she also has dark cravings…and wants you to watch. She wants more…another man’s bigger cock – a big black cock. Her sexual craving is free of the desire to emotionally connect with this more endowed man and is driven purely by her desire for unrestrained sexual pleasure. It is very arousing to see a sweet, sensual woman being consumed with such raw, primal desire.

Creating a space where a woman is deeply in love with me but also craves men with larger cocks is no small feat. Is it possible to create a space where a woman is comfortable embracing her wild side and break free from social constraints within the emotional safety of a loving relationship. Free of emotional angst and what society deems as appropriate behavior, can she accept the experience of another man as a “gift of pleasure” from me…the man that truly loves her?

Does the naughty angel archetype truly exist?

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