Sienna - One Last Photo v3

It has been two years in the making and the day is finally here. Tonight, I will watch the love of my life moaning from the touch of another man. I will see her soft, silky folds stretched and wrapped tightly around another man’s cock…another man’s big black cock.

Sienna and I are traveling to California for our erotic rendezvous from different parts of the country. Boarding the plane, my steps are shaky and my heart is pounding. I think about Sienna and how she is feeling as her day begins. She is such a beautiful woman…possessing that elusive and magical blend of sensuality and naughtiness. Hard to believe this moment has actually arrived. Before this day passes, Sienna will be nestled in warmly against my side and sleeping with another man’s cum inside her.

I was in WP (reference to the blog we shared) reading your build up posts of Jalen and I…our sexy banter back and forth. It was so very hot to go back and feel all those hot memories. I recall all the anticipation building inside me and how everything was still unknown. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was aching for that first parting of my tight, wet, and wanton pussy lips. My white pussy was still a virgin to black cock, but like so many white girls before me…I was so ready to be claimed. – Sienna

I know she is excited about tonight and wondered about Jalen too. His recent communications had been trailing off a bit, and I wondered if maybe he was getting cold feet. We had been stood up once before by another guy and it was disappointing. I prepared a video from some footage I had of Sienna dancing seductively and sucking my cock. I sent it to him as a reminder of what was in store for him if did show up.

Michael – Hey Jalen, hope this puts a spring in your step…and elsewhere! 😉 Sienna, wants you holding this camera and having this view Wednesday night. She will tease us with a sensual, erotic dance before taking you into her hungry lips. Hope all is well my brother ~ Michael

I didn’t hear back from Jalen, but Sienna let me know he had received the video.

Sienna – Baby!!!!! Hi! I got a message from Jalen. He was responding to a message and video you sent…HOT! Here is what he said….

Jalen – YOU HOT sexy Sienna!!!! DAMN, Michael sent me video of you shaking your lady parts and said your dancing was to get me excited…like i need a video to get excited over you! YOU… You are adorably Sexy 😀 I’ve never been so excited wanting someone so much as this. Sienna GIRL you make a man crazy! Still HARD to believe that you are gonna be here in my town – IN THE FLESH! I can imagine HOT and WET with desire your pussy will be – the initial feeling my girth penetrate your lips, mm!

I responded to Sienna.

Michael – Good morning Baby, when you wake up at this time tomorrow morning we will have experienced a few milestones in our naughty adventures. You may have kissed another man and had a big black cock in your hands, sexy lips, and tight white pussy!

Sienna – Baby!!!! Hi!!!!Yes Baby…I am so hoping that is the case!!!! I may…and I will be wanting MORE! Can’t wait to see you Babe!!! xoxoxoxo

I have created an erotic stage for Sienna to have the sexual experience of a lifetime. I planted and nurtured this erotic seed of desire within her and now Sienna is in full erotic bloom. She had her entire adult life to experience a moment like this but never even considered it. Now, she craves this fantasy like no other. She has orgasmed hundreds…possibly thousands of times with me filling her ears and mind with erotic stories of black men fucking her. In these moments, the low sound of my voice, our emotional connection, the physical pleasure, and the mind-fuck have merged to create an erotic whirlwind that consumes her in intense mind-bending, complete body-spasming orgasms.

We have successfully navigated our long-distance relationship but it has been a month since I last saw her. Leading up to today, she has denied much of her excitement around meeting Jalen and instead focused on how excited she is to see me. While I appreciate her saying that, I know what the feature show is for this get together. Our buildup has arched over two years and is now at its zenith. Tonight the fantasy becomes a reality. She is intoxicated with the anticipation of experiencing her first black cock.

I arrive first to the hotel and Sienna arrives a few hours later. I sense her nervousness. It seems like forever since I last held and touched her. Normally, we would be in the bed making love and fucking within minutes of seeing each other. Not tonight. Sienna had promised Jalen she would not have sex with me for at least a few days before they met. Jalen wanted her fresh and on edge with a surplus of sexual energy.

Unfortunately, it has been much longer than a few days since we were together. It has been hard and we are both starving for sexual release. Sienna knows her night is going to be filled with hot, naughty sex and the pleasure of a man much more endowed than she is accustomed to. My release will be delayed until Jalen has had his fill of my sexy girl.

It crosses my mind that after she has had Jalen, Sienna will be exhausted. She will be covered with the scent of another man, and her pussy will be opened like never before and filled with who knows how many loads of Jalen’s sperm. Maybe now is good time to take off my edge. I move in on her but she is evasive and teasingly escapes my hungry advances. “No baby, I promised Jalen!” This denial is part of the erotic dance and she knows it makes me hot. Still, it stings a little since it is no longer just fantasy play. I can’t fuck my lover right now because she wants to save herself for another man.

Sienna steps away goes over to her suitcase. “I want to show you what I bought for tonight. I went shopping last weekend and must have tried on a hundred different outfits! It was so hard to select the perfect outfit.” She holds up a sexy corset looking top against her body. “Do you think he will like it?” I wince at her enthusiasm. It has been a long time since she had been so excited about dressing for me, and it is a bit surreal to have her asking me if I thought another man would like her outfit. I reply, “Well, I know I like it. You should wear something like that when we are together.”

Sienna picks up on my sarcasm and gives me a curt look. My heart is racing…I can feel the jealousy welling up inside. This is nothing compared to what I will face later in the evening. I can put an end to all the craziness swirling within me right now before the night progresses any further. Is this something that would be best left in the fantasy realm? Will I actually be able to standby taking photos and running video while another guy fucks her? Is she really okay with this…even looking forward to it?

I remember how turned on I was when first sharing his fantasy with Sienna. She didn’t make me feel in the least bit ashamed for having this fantasy, but it took a while for her get her mind around it. In time, we would play out fantasy scenarios while making love and fucking. I filled her mind with erotic stories of the contrast in size and how amazing it will feel for her to have her little white pussy filled completely by a long, thick black cock as I watched. These erotic stories never failed to deliver intense, mind-blowing orgasms for both of us…together. If I were to call it off now after years of buildup, I know she will be disappointed and may never even consider it again. I assure myself as I had assured her that Jalen is right guy and this is as close as we can get to a perfect scenario. In my mind, it is now or never.

I react to Sienna’s curt look, “Sorry baby, your outfit looks amazing! You are going to be the hottest looking girl Jalen has ever laid eyes on.” Sienna smiles, “Awww, thank you baby. This isn’t easy for me you know. Jalen is a fantasy for us, but I am also fulfilling a fantasy for him. I want to look sexy for him.” Sienna moves closer and presses her breasts against my chest as she kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear. “Besides, I know you want me to look sexy for him. The sexier I am, the harder he is going to fuck me and make me cum… and that’s what you want, right?” My cock begins to instantly swell. “You want to see my white legs wrapped around his dark hips as he thrusts his beautiful black cock deep inside my pink and makes me come all over him. I know you do…you have told me so a thousand times.” Sienna slides her hand down between my legs to assess my excitement. “Mmmm, just as I expected. My man’s little white cock is rock hard.” There was no denying my arousal.

With that, Sienna floats off to the bathroom to get ready. I pour a couple glasses of wine and take one to her. I take a seat in the living room of our hotel suite. If this were a fictional story, it would be easy to say I am chilling out and feeling nothing but arousal. But, this isn’t fiction, and I’m feeling anxious and nervous. Frankly, the emotional and erotic swirl is fucking intense.

I scan the room and begin to project scenarios. In a few hours Jalen will be here undressing my sweet, sensual, dreamy girl. She is going to marvel at the size of his dick and feed his ego by telling him how much bigger he is than me. He’s going to rub his over-sized manhood all over her face before stuffing his meaty black cock in her mouth. Then, he is going to fuck her and treat her just the way she wants him to treat her –  as his personal fuck doll and black cock slut.

Sienna has seen many photos of Jalen’s cock and is in awe of his size. He has me by at least three inches in length and is much thicker. Sienna has been mesmerized by the photos he periodically shared and she has spent the last three months masturbating to thoughts of feeling his manhood buried inside her. Truth be told, I have masturbated many times to thoughts of her craving Jalen’s black cock. She has shared with me how excited she is to feel the weight of his “amazing cock” in her hands and how excited she is to experience the different sensation of his length and thickness inside her compared to my much smaller cock. After tonight, Sienna will know what it really feels like to have more.

I have always looked at Sienna with complete confidence and a sense of pride knowing I am the man that has provided her with the most amazing sexual experiences of her life. She feels the same when she looks into my eyes. Sexually, I have taken her to places of sexual bliss she never imagined possible. This is all likely to change tonight. This new man may very well provide her with the most exciting and pleasurable sexual experience of her life. In a sense though, I will still be responsible for providing Sienna with most amazing sex of her life. The only difference now is that it came from the cock of another man. Our sex will still be really good, but after tonight she will know that it is possible for another man to take her to an even higher level of physical pleasure. Will she see me in a different light?

After dolling herself up, Sienna walks into the room. Damn, she is breathtaking! I always see her with new eyes and never fail to let her know how gorgeous she is. I am indeed a lucky man. Sienna prances around a little bit to show off the sexy outfit she purchased for this trip. I notice she is also wearing “our special shoes”. She was wearing those shoes on the night she and I became one and they have always held sentimental value for us. I’m feeling a little bummed that she selected those shoes to wear tonight. Right now, those shoes symbolize one thing to us. If she wears them tonight, they will have another meaning and memory associated with them. What memory does she want to have of those shoes in two days or two months from now? The answer is evident.

As I stand at this intersection of time and space, the weight of the moment is clearly not lost on me. I ask her to lay on the bed and pose for a few photos. Sienna recognizes the significance behind my request and asks, “Baby, is this going to be part of a before and after photo gallery? Do you want one last photo of me before I have been with a black man? Do you think I will look or feel different?” I downplay her questions so as not to create any unnecessary stress but admit I do want one last photo before she cuckolds me. Do I think she will look differently afterwards? No, but I believe she will feel different…not a bad different, just different.

In this moment, I believe in our relationship and our commitment to sexual exploration as a couple. After today, it will be different…hopefully even better as we start off on a new sexual journey together. Still, the future is unknown and I want…one last photo.


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