Sienna - Fine Wine 213-1-3

This is one of many posts about the journey Sienna and I took towards our first cuckolding experience together. I would ask that you consider the context for this post. We were a loving couple going through a real-world cuckold experience for the first time. At the time of this post, we are engaging with Jalen – a handsome, muscular, bright, and well-hung gentleman we engaged to provide Sienna with her first black cock experience.

Our erotic buildup has been hot on many levels but the dialogue between Sienna and Jalen has increasingly taken on a more pornographic tone rather than the erotic vibe we prefer. I didn’t want that tone to create false expectations or carry over when we were all together in person. It is important that first experience is a positive one. If not, there likely won’t be a second. I emailed Jalen to reset expectations or at last reign them in a bit and copied my lover on the email.

Subject: Fine Wine vs. Tequila

Hey Jalen,

Sounds like life is pretty full and exciting for you these days. Speaking of which, I’m really looking forward to seeing Sienna excited and full of you!  We’ve come a long way from the first back and forth sexy banter on our blogs. Really, this couldn’t have worked out any better. I like that it was our willingness to use our minds and creativity that drove us to WordPress and subsequently meeting one another. While your physical attributes certainly have Sienna dripping with anticipation, it is her sense of knowing you for a while and your understanding of our relationship that gives her the courage to finally make this fantasy a reality. I feel the same way.

Regarding our play, especially this first time, Sienna and I need to ease into this. Seeing the love of my life taken by another man will be intense, and I anticipate needing to feel like things aren’t moving too fast. It is important that I can feel her and share in the moment rather than feeling excluded and disconnected from her. What I feel coming from Sienna, my experience with her in the moment, and feeling our connectedness throughout the evening will be important to me and us as a couple in our afterglow. This is essential to us having a positive experience as a couple and our interest in future visits.

Thinking about the vibe we are after, a comparison might be useful. One is a tone and vibe of pounding tequila shots followed by Red Bull chasers. The other is like sipping a fine wine and savoring the rich multi-layered essence of wetness coating your tongue and filling your senses. Sienna is a fine-wine experience to be savored slowly, richly, and deeply. As the evening progresses or in future visits the tone may change as we explore different types of play. Initially though, overly assertive or aggressive behavior will detract from the experience for us. Sienna is delicate and flowing… a beautiful flower waiting to be explored and opened deeply by you ~ Michael

Sienna and I messaged after she received and read the email:

Sienna – Baby, I just read your message twice and LOVED it!!!! It was so good! You made me feel all warm inside. I like how you shared how connected we are and the way you used the ‘tequila-fine wine’ metaphor!!!! Mmmmm!

Michael – Thank you Sweet Love, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I thought it captured the things we have talked about recently around context and the importance of our soulful connection during this experience. Sienna, you are a fine wine and I savor your mind, body, and soul!

Sending this email also struck a few erotic chords. It is quite a rush telling another man, your lover is dripping wet thinking about him. Without giving away the details of our actual encounter with Jalen, I had a somewhat ironic exchange with Sienna about wine after our time with Jalen. I asked her if she was looking forward to being with another black man, and she made a fine-wine reference of her own:

FullSizeRender (1) copy

Sienna – Are you kidding me? Definitely!!!! It’s sort of like…how do I say this? Let me give you an analogy. Thinking about how Jalen felt is like having a REALLY, REALLY great wine! It is like a big, bold, Cabernet that touches and awakens every part of your mouth…deep down into your throat. It feels rich, strong, and thick as your tongue flows under and over it. Costing hundreds of dollars, a nice Cabernet is rare treat to be savored. By comparison, your cock is like white table wine. It is good…I enjoy it. But, it is readily available and I can pick up a bottle at any grocery store and enjoy having some around the house for daily use…it works. While enjoying a nice Cabernet or Big Black Cock isn’t something I need, it is definitely a rich indulgence and something I want!

As a man that gets off on cuckolding and size comparison (which I loosely equate to more pleasure for my lover), it was very hot to know how my adoring Sienna – a fine wine – assessed the status of my vine.

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