One of the erotic layers Sienna and I have been exploring in our sexual fantasies is my desire for her to tease me about having a little cock. We still go around in circles a bit about the whether the “root” of this fantasy is factual or not. This sexual kink falls in the realm known as erotic humiliation and, believe it or not, has a very passionate and engaged group of men that get off on this. This form of erotic humiliation is often found as an erotic layer embedded within the cuckolding fantasy. I explored the psychology of this fantasy in the Erotic Humiliation post.

While I enjoy small penis teasing as a key element in my cuckolding fantasy, there are challenges associated with this fantasy. On one hand, I aspire to be the most amazing lover Sienna has ever had and we celebrate our off-the-chart sexual chemistry in the stories we share. Some of the more popular non-cuckold posts highlight other areas erotic exploration we enjoy. The audio of Push Play: Again…Again and the photo gallery (now a digital art gallery) Sienna’s Submission capture our exploration of Sienna’s submissive fantasies. Our sensual connection is expressed in the dreamy videos I Believe (Sienna’s Sultry Dance) and Nights in White Satin. 

On the other hand, this kink is driven by being “less than” and my lover’s desire for another man’s bigger cock…preferably a big black cock. Her sexual craving is free of the desire to emotionally connect with this more endowed man and is driven purely by her desire for unrestrained sexual pleasure. It is very arousing to see a sweet, sensual woman being consumed with such raw, primal desire.

Creating a space where a woman is deeply in love with me yet craves men with larger cocks is no small feat. Is it possible to create a space where a woman is comfortable embracing her wild side and break free from social constraints within the emotional safety of a loving relationship. Free of emotional angst and what society deems as appropriate behavior, can she accept the experience of another man as a “gift of pleasure” from me…the man that truly loves her? The erotic rush associated with breaking from societal norms is part of the psychology and behavior the ancient Greeks associated with Dionysus and it is, therefore, part of the Dionysian experience.

Knowing she craves “more” ignites a competitive wildfire of passion within me that makes me want to fuck the hell out of her…to fuck her like she has never been fucked before or will ever be fucked again! I explore the underlying psychological and biological drivers of male competition in the Sperm Wars post. Another force is the dizzying sense of Dionysian inversion where one experiences, for a period, become what we are not…to be an alpha male that is cuckolded.

What follows is an excerpt from a naughty text session we had on this topic as I was first trying to establish “small penis teasing” as part of our sexual play. I had been locked down in a meeting most of the week and was craving some frisky mental play. I had taken some photos of my cock against a ruler and was thinking about how I could use them to have some naughty fun with Sienna. I kick start the hot fun with a text…

Michael – I’m feeling the urge to put my manhood to the measuring tap…

Sienna – ICFY!!!

Michael – What is ICFY? My brain is fried, ha! Incentive Compensation…? I Can’t Feel You?  Something about a little cock? 🙂😘  By the way, I took some photos of my cock by a ruler…

Sienna – ICFY = I’m crazy for you!!!!  Baby!!!!!!! You are making me crazy!!!!! Send them!

Whew, I hadn’t actually anticipated Sienna’s enthusiasm for seeing my cock against a ruler. I know men are pretty “cock centric” than most women but it strikes me as very hot that Sienna wants to know the actual size of my cock. I let some time pass as I think about whether to actually send them or not. I stall by sending her other photos instead of me in various states of undress.

(images removed for now)

Sienna – That pic of you in the mirror!!!!!! My beautiful hard, sexy, yummy Man!!!  Okay, so you teased me with more pics… Hmmmm are you going to send the others??????? Craving you!

Michael – Sexy girl, you want to see your man on the tape measure? It’s making my heart race…in a good way! Glad you liked the mirror photo…love taking photos for my sexy Girl! ❤

Sienna – Yes!!!! Baby! You have me so crazy intrigued! Mmmm, You make MY ❤ race!  Baby, your cock fits so tight and perfectly in your Girl’s pussy… Mmmm and YOU can touch OUR spot and make me cum so crazy in the most amazing way!!!!

Michael –  Mmmm, you’re so SEXY Baby!!!  It may not be what you expect! 😉 But, it is your cock and it does find OUR spot, mmmm!

Sienna – Of course Love!!!! Mmmmm, you make your Girl so wet and yummy!  Baby, are you punishing your Girl by withholding pictures from her????

Michael – Mmmm, I’m savoring the moment Sexy!  Once you see this photo…you will know.  Okay, here it comes…

Sienna: You are so naughty! Mmmm Baby…I’m waiting!!!

I’m looking at the photo, my fully engorged cock extended along the ruler…the objective truth free of emotional subjectivity.

The Dionysian characteristic of contrast and duality is flowing through me like wild fire and also engulfing Sienna. Our connection is full of love, devotion, sensuality, and passion for one another. The thought of her teasing me about having a small cock and building within her a desire for another man’s larger cock stands in huge contrast to these emotions. Going down the road of small penis teasing would be a step into the wilderness and a step away from social order.

I look at the photo and finally send an un-cropped version of this image…

[Temporarily removed]

I am flushed with excitement as I waited for her reaction…then it comes.

Sienna – Baby, you need to see where * inches is on me!!!!!

As expected, her nurturing instincts come first. She comes to my defense wanting to praise me and build me up on the topic of cock size. Sienna continues to respond in a way that is full of love and talks about the incredible sex we have. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this reaction. She’s never made me feel like I have a small cock or in any way lacking in my ability to fully and deeply satisfy her. Still, her reaction works against my fantasy of her craving a larger cock. I suggest that she added 3/4 of an inch to what she saw and rounded up and added it would be much hotter if she rounded down. She still comes to my defense…

Sienna – Baby!!!! Do you see where * inches comes up on my stomach?!!! Mmmm Baby, I love that you have this fantasy but you need to know…your Girl is little!

This was actually a hot reply, even if accidental. She is actually suggesting that a little cock can be very filling and satisfying because she has a little pussy. At this point, I’m also feeling a little uncomfortable for putting her in a tough situation. I can appreciate that this is a type of mental play she is unsettled with and perhaps struggling to understand. At times like this, I step away from the playful naughtiness and reach for our essence…

Michael – Baby, I feel the way WE make love, and I know you aren’t really craving a larger cock right now. I feel the way you Love me, and I hope you feel it in return because I am crazy about you!!!

Sienna connects with our love and then pushes the fantasy forward.

Sienna – Mmmmm, I love your words and I love the way you love me! About your size, Ok, fair enough. It’s smaller than I imagined but that because you work such magic with it! Just as long as you know I feel so pleasured and fulfilled by your little cock!!! ❤❤❤❤ So, should I feel inadequate that I feel pleasured and fulfilled by a little cock?! ❤❤❤❤ I do like it too though when you get turned on and control fucking me with the BBC!!!!

Michael – Baby, this is a new layer for me to expose in this fantasy. You teasing me about having a little cock is such a hot mind fuck for me! I think this is something many men fear…this comparison. But, it all feels safe with you because it is part of  sex play. Don’t worry about this hurting my feelings, it drives me WILD! 😃😘

Sienna – OMgosh Baby I’m so glad you shared these thoughts and deep feelings with me… I so want to fulfill your innermost desires and fantasies. At the end of the day, our true fulfillment is about something greater, something deeper. A deeper fulfilling connection, as only known by US….. WE!

Michael – So true sweetheart! I wasn’t sure about telling you the “little cock” part of the fantasy. I mean, I felt safe sharing it with you but that doesn’t mean it would be something you find erotic. I always want the fantasies we explore to be hot for you too, Baby! 😘

Sienna – I love how you are so thoughtful in sharing things with me, helping me understand, and loving me! It is so healthy and good for me. I find it all to be such a turn on because it speaks to your confidence and self-assured balance. It says, “Baby, I trust you and I’m putting it all out there…is it okay?” What a gift!!!!!!!!! A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!❤️

“Bonus” Content 

What follows wasn’t part of the initial “Tale of the Tape” post on Sensual Shadows but fits within this theme. If you enjoy this kink, this was a short but very hot session of small penis teasing hat still turns me on.

I came across a website that seems to cater to men that enjoyed small penis teasing and once talked about it with Sienna. She was intrigued. The site allows you enter your cock measurements (length, thickness, and a few other shaping details). You can then compare your cock to reported averages of various ethnicities, the average “ideal” size reported by women, a variety of other classifications (Mr. Small, Average, and Large), and even to actual porn stars. I went to the site and entered my measurements, gathered my image comparisons, and sent the images to Sienna.

Sienna – LOL, mmmm! Did you go on that site and put in your measurements?!! Naughty!!!!!

Michael – MmmmHmmm, it was very exciting to see the results and gave me such a rush knowing I would be sharing them with you.

Sienna – You DID?!!!!!! Awwww, that’s not yours, is it?

Michael – Yes, that is me compared to Mr. Big…

Sienna – NO! You didn’t get the volume right and your full head is more voluptuous than depicted! Compared to Mr. Big, your cock does appear little….

Michael – Mmmmm, your comment is so HOT!!! All the specs are accurate. I have a couple more to send… vs. Mr. Black, Mr. Small and Mr. Average.

Sienna – (Looking at the second comparison of me to the average “Big Black Cock”) Mr. Black! LOL! Baby, I love seeing your little white cock compared like this. Baby, you are selling yourself “short”! You know what your Girl needs and what she wants!!! You know how to please me!!!❤😘

Michael – Selling “short” LOL! Nice, Baby! ☺ Mmmmm, I never suggested that I didn’t know what my sexy Girl needs or how to please you. I’m just exploring the type of tools we might need to get the job done even better. It all works incredibly well and is so HOT and good for US!!!

Sienna – MmmHmmm! Yes Baby, that’s why we are perfect together. Well, it is one of many reasons. You little cock fits PERFECTLY in my little pussy and ass! If you were bigger, I wouldn’t have the same desire to explore and this yearning for more…a longer, thicker, and darker cock…. Mmmm F F F Baby!!! I’m dying for my man to fuck me good, long and purposefully! I love your little cock Baby! Mmmmm! My Cock!!!!! ❤😘❤😘❤😘💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

Tale of the tape was first published on the blog I shared with Sienna called Sensual Shadows. I’ve imported comments from that post as well.

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