When Sienna and I first began sharing fantasies around another man joining us, our favorite backdrop for the naughty scene was a spa. We both enjoy massages plus it is an easy way to get into a hot story since she would be relaxed, nude below a sheet, and the other man is already present. These spa fantasies swirled through our daily interactions and kept passion’s flame burning hot as we navigated a long-distance relationship.

Sienna’s Sensual Massage (Part I of III)

I’m at work when a text from Sienna drops in that almost catches my phone on fire. “I had a massage today and can’t wait to tell you about it! Mmmm Baby, I’m Craving You!!!” My cock instantly springs to attention. Based on our recent discussion around sexual fantasies (me encouraging her to be with another man), I couldn’t help but wonder if she had actually cuckolded me with her massage therapist? I was beyond aroused, distracted, and crazy hot with excitement and curiosity! I’m in a meeting and unable to call her so I text more for more details. “Did you have a male therapist…what did he look like…are you wet?”

Yes! Can’t wait to tell you… Baby, he is totally the kind of black guy I fantasize about. He is a big man…handsome, muscular and fit, mmmm!!! I “accidentally” let the sheet slip off my chest as I turned from my stomach onto my back. As I turned over, the sheet slid down my chest barely covering my left nipple and my right breast was completely exposed! I was envisioning you in the room next to me as he was working on me.

Massage 106

I instantly acquire a massive erection and feel like I’m going to rip through my slacks. I love how she brings me into the experience right away.  “Did he cover or leave you exposed?”

He left me that way!!! I sort of froze and didn’t know what to do. It was hot to be exposed like this and it was just like we envisioned in our fantasies. I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that I knew my breasts were exposed. It was more of a mental thing like we have talked about. I was so curious to see how he would react, and it made me hot imagining what he might be thinking… It was also hot because I had visions of you in the room with me, mmmm! I had so many scenarios running through my thoughts about what you would’ve done if you were there with me. I was thinking of the fantasy we recently shared about the black therapist coming to our room. My mind took off and you were right there with me directing the whole scene! Baby, I was so wet when I got off the massage table, I was soooo wet… It was crazy!!!!

It is so hot knowing he left her exposed. I’m excited to no end knowing she had a massage with a male therapist that was looking at her breast and probably knew her silky wetness was flowing heavily between her legs. I can’t say that I blame him though. To have a woman like Sienna willing to expose herself must have been a surreal experience for him. She allowed herself to slip into a space where our fantasies are taking flight in the real world.

Massage 107

Sienna has a knack for skipping details as she rushes to the ending. It is the details though that connect me to an experience like this and make it truly arousing. I won’t let her off with just this high-level summary. I know this moment must have been nerve wracking for her and also very exciting as the sexual tension swirled in the room. I probe for more details. “How was he with your legs?  Did he push the line a little?”

He went up my thigh and toward my inner thigh MUCH closer than normal! I think he must have felt my wetness on the sheet or maybe he could even see it! His breathing was very, VERY heavy, I could actually hear him! I just tried to act normal and was laying still.

Sienna’s experience and her excitement around sharing it draws me even closer to her. By this point in our relationship, she is confident in my feelings for her and knew I would react positively to her naughty adventure…for us. Even though it involved another man, she used this experience to fuel our excitement for one another. In a long-distance relationship, this can serve as much needed fuel to keep passion’s flame burning hot and bright.

I reassure her, “Did I mention how sexy you are?! This is driving me wild, mmmm! He was probably so confused…so turned on. I bet he could feel the heat and wetness on your inner thighs…waiting for one sigh…or one arch of your hips towards his hand to encourage him…”

Massage 110


Mmmmm Baby!!!! I was purposely thinking of you there with me and it was more of a mental thing… I would NOT want to give him the slightest hint…that would have made it even crazier for him and me! When I left he said, “Make sure you get scheduled regularly” and then he wanted to know if I needed his hours. I said, “No that’s okay, I can call.”

Sienna is pulling me in close as she emphasizes her vision of me in the room and reassuring me that she didn’t desire him…it was more about us and our fantasy. I love and adore Sienna deeply. I want her to have all the excitement and pleasure she felt in that moment and more. She was being sexually adventurous and allowed herself to go deeper into our fantasy…taking us deeper into the fantasy.

Later in the day, we relive this experience as she talks me through it. We explore new fantasies for the next appointment as bring one another to orgasms over the phone. It made me cum so hard knowing it made her hot to think about being with this man and she was actually considering it. Over the next few weeks, this scenario fuels countless phone sex sessions and powerful releases as we explored fantasies of her sucking his cock and fucking him. She loved it…we both loved it!

Sienna Says

For the first time, Michael’s fantasy was revealed to me in a clearer way. I wasn’t truly getting the idea of him “giving me to another man”. It sparks a fire in him and is a gift of physical fulfillment for the one he loves. The gift from Michael to me is about my physical pleasure and a deeper emotional connection for us. My gift to Michael is submitting to his desire and a deeper connection of trust and love for us.

Michael, the deeper realm in all of this naughtiness is the spiritual connection we share. It is evident to me now through the trust and security of our love–the fantasy is always just a fantasy. Even when moments are real, they exist only as shadows and are not our true nature and form. Baby, I love you more than ever! I’m developing a deeper understanding of your desire for me to submit and connect with you in the depths of our Sensual Shadows. – Your Loving Sienna ❤️

Sienna’s Sensual Massage – Part II (coming soon) takes us further into the naughty adventure.


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