Setting the Stage

In Unveiled, Sienna and I explore our fantasies in a sensual and very naughty story. We are writing to one another in a relationship that is just taking flight. Through our erotic storytelling, we seek to explore, understand, and blend the erotic layers of our individual fantasies –  Female submission, cuckolding, interracial sex, and small penis teasing (erotic humiliation) – and begin to merge them into one shared fantasy.

As you read along, please remember that this isn’t erotic fiction…it is real people exploring their fantasies with one another for the first time. Our story progresses in a delicate fashion as we test the one another boundaries with each stage of acceptance feeling intensely exciting. When we first shared this on our Sensual Shadows blog, there was also a rush of exhibitionism as revealed our secret desires to others.

Unveiled (Part I)

As you have come to know, Sienna isn’t naïve or prudish in the least.  In fact, she is super-hot and sexy beyond my wildest dreams. When I first revealed my interracial cuckold and small penis teasing kinks to her, she was a little surprised and didn’t really know what to make of it. This reaction is completely understandable. I imagine it isn’t that common for a woman to discover a man she is falling in love with (or any man for that matter) wants to see her with another guy or to learn it drives her man wild to be teased about having a little cock.

I felt exposed and vulnerable sharing this with Sienna, but she didn’t shut me down or make me feel bad at all about my fantasies. Instead, she has sought to understand why this turns me on and explored how far she would be willing to go to my desires.

The most essential part and foundation of the fantasy for me is that I am head over heels in love Sienna. In my eyes she is the most beautiful woman in the world. All the splendor of her sexy, sensual curves though pale in comparison to her inner beauty and sensuality. Time after time and in countless ways, she takes my breath away. I feel connected with her on so many levels.  I feel light when Sienna is with me–her spirit illuminates me. Without this connection to her and return of this sensual energy, the fantasy is meaningless. My fantasy is intensely erotic because I love her. The deeper my love, the more intense the fantasy becomes.

The thought of Sienna being taken by another man in front of me and physically pleased drives me absolutely wild. For reasons I explore and share throughout my writings, I feel an extra layer of erotic swirl imagining the man pleasing my sexy girl is black and that his cock is much larger than mine. Seeing the contrast in skin tone, how she responds to the different sensations his larger black cock, and the pleasure I want her to experience creates a level of arousal for me that is off the charts intense!  I imagine kissing Sienna…feeling and loving her in the moment. As this new man takes my beautiful girl, we remain emotionally connected and she feels loved, safe, and free to enjoy the pleasure I have made available to her…even if it comes from another man’s big cock.

The Story:

Michael – Baby, do you remember the story we were building about the black massage therapist?  I was holding you and pulling your robe to the side so he could see your sexy ass. He is several feet away as I turn you around so you are facing him.  I sense your hesitancy and nervousness as I slowly open your robe and reveal your gorgeous body to another man.

Sienna - Robe 3-1 v2

I run my hands along your hips and up to your beautiful full breasts. Your perfect nipples are straining with excitement as you sigh and lean back as I kiss your exposed neck. His eyes devour your sexy body as he aches to take you. He is smiling and rubbing his large cock through his pants. I take the fullness of your breasts in my hands and massage them as I tweak your nipples.   I say to him, “I love this beautiful woman. She wants to please me, and I want to watch you please her.” I allow the robe to slip off your shoulders and it falls to floor around your feet. You are standing naked before another man and I sense your nervousness. For the first time in your life, you are naked in a room with two men…one who adores, loves, and craves you…the other only wanting to fuck you.

Sienna – Oh baby you are making me so crazy…I’m dripping! Mmmm, your girl is so hot and turned on but hesitant at the same time. You sense my fear, yet your warm, calming and loving voice makes my heart slow down. There is a sense of calmness setting in all around me. I hear your sexy voice in my ear and it immediately makes me gush with wetness. I’m longing to submit to your desire and give you what you need. A rush of adrenaline comes over me with the thought of pleasing you. Baby, assure me that you will not leave my side. I need this affirmation.

Michael – Baby, I will stay with you. This experience is a gift of pleasure from me to you and from you to me. It is OUR experience.

Sienna – This turns me on as I realize YOU are truly the one in control. This thought makes me even wetter. I am only pleasing my man and accepting the fullness of the pleasure given by another. I relax with a willingness to please and be taken by this man.

My comment to Sienna about this being “our” experience is how I feel about this fantasy and it resonated with her. I love that she said this “makes me even wetter.” She acknowledges that even though she is going to be with another man as an act of submission, she realizes she will also be giving me great pleasure.

A physical act is a superficial experience. Understanding the thoughts and feelings behind an action work to create the erotic layers leading to a more transcendent experience. This version of cuckolding forming between us is one that also taps into the layers of Sienna’s sexually submissive nature. By pleasing him – at my direction – she is being my submissive Naughty Girl. The layers of our individual fantasies are becoming intertwined and forming an even hotter fantasy—our fantasy.

Michael – I gesture for him to undress and come to us. In your erotic haze, you see his dark muscular chest and cuts abs. His black cock extends long and thick…bouncing heavily and proudly as he slowly moves towards you. I feel the tension in your neck and shoulders as he takes your full breasts into his large hands. The reality of another man presence is fully upon you. The contrast of your full milky white breasts in his hands is incredibly erotic. My heart is pounding as the erotic swirl begins to engulf me. I kiss you sensually and reassure you that this moment is for both of us to enjoy…it is our loving adventure together. As he presses against you, you feel his large manhood pressing hot and hard against your flat, sexy stomach. The impression against your stomach leaves no doubt that his cock is much larger than you are accustomed to. I kiss your lips and whisper, “Get on your knees, sexy girl. Suck his cock.”

Sienna – Baby, I will submit to you and kneel down before another man.

My Submission is to You-1

To be continued…

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