Early in our long-distance relationship, Sienna and I enjoyed exploring fantasies through erotic vignettes we would write together. Through this, we were able to introduce and explore one another’s secret sexual desires. What I remember most about these early revelations was the open mindedness Sienna approached my revelations. Instead of reacting in a negative way and shutting me down, she asked questions and sought to understand why I found it hot. I did the same for her and ultimately we blended our individual fantasies into a shared fantasy.

A favorite backdrop for our early fantasy stories often centered around Sienna receiving a sensual massage. As we slowly revealed our fantasies, this scene evolved to include her being massaged by a black man. One of the things I savored about these stories—even as we were fantasizing about her being with other men—is how we expressed our special connection to one another. The contrast of our sensual love in such a naughty scene left me with an intense erotic rush.

We are texting one day and building out an erotic story but never got past foreplay. I wanted to finish the story to see how she would react to specific language around her sucking a black cock, taking it inside her pussy, and her anticipation of cock size comparisons. How would she feel about having this black man coming inside her? Based on what I knew already, I suspected she would find some of these thoughts arousing but wasn’t sure. I was falling in head over heels in love with Sienna and was nervous about sharing one of my innermost fantasies with her. Still, I wanted her to know.

I am sitting in my car and send her the story in a stream of text messages. What follows is my first free-flowing, big black cock fantasy I ever sent her:

Drifting back to the massage room, I am by your side and holding you close. Your sexy bottom is near the edge of the table and your legs are spread wide with your thighs pushed back. Your masseur is at the foot of the table and slowly working his long, thick black cock deeply inside your sweet, dripping pussy. With each deep thrust, he is exploring parts of your sensual garden you never knew existed. I’m turned on beyond my wildest dreams and holding you close as you squirm pleasurably from the fullness of his invasion.

(Sienna interrupts with a text)

Sienna – Baby……

Michael – You aren’t supposed to be reading yet! 🙂

Sienna – Ok, I’ll wait!  I’ll come back later!!!! I Love You Michael!

I feel the pleasure surging through your body as another man fills and pleases my sensual, naughty lover so completely. You lift your head to look at the handsome, muscular black man moving powerfully between your long, sexy legs and giving you sensations never known before. Your legs are spread wide as you surrender complete access to your forbidden silky depths. The vivid contrast of skin tone and a once forbidden fruit enhances the erotic swirl as he thrusts deep and strong within your wanton white pussy.

Your eyes are hazy and dreamy as you look into mine. I ask, “He feels good doesn’t he?” Your lips are parted and your eyes are glazed with pleasure…all you can do is moan and nod in agreement. I am so turned on watching you receive this gift of pleasure I have provided…even if from the cock of another man. I slide one hand into your long, blonde hair and touch your beautiful face with the other as I kiss you deeply. It is so intense to feel and hear you moaning against me while another man is inside you. I reassure you that your pleasure makes this hot for me and ask again, ”He feels good?” You speak in shortened breaths, “Yes…baby…he’s… fucking me so good…his cock…feels so good!” I moan with pleasure at your reaction, “I am crazy about you, Sienna…I Love You.”  I hold you close and WE are lost in our space…as he continues to pleasure you.

I want you to cum on him and surrender to the pleasure of his big black cock. I am adoring you like never before and wanting you to experience the fullness of your sexuality within our sensual love. “Cum Baby…cum on his manhood!” Your back arches as you give yourself to him more fully than before. You are pushing against him and engulfed in sensation of having a new and much larger cock inside you. At the same time you are grabbing and holding on to me like you are fucking me. Our souls are making love while you are fucking him. You lose control and begin to moan. The heady swirl of sex, passion, and love are all around you as you moan “Michael” while coming all over another man’s cock.

Your orgasm is long and intense. As it subsides, he is ready to cum and I want him to cum inside you. “Sienna, tell him his cock feels amazing and you want his cum deep inside you.” You look at him, “Fuck me…Fuck me harder!!! Your cock feels so good…fuck me…cum inside me…empty your black cock deep inside my white pussy!” This pushes him over the edge as he groans and thrusts deeply inside you. Baby, I am here with you. Our faces are pressed close and we are looking into one another’s eyes as another man fills you with his hot, creamy sperm. You lay shaking and flushed in my arms as his orgasm subsides. I hold you close and reassure you just as you reassure me. We are focused on each other and the moment is ours.

Sienna – I’m reading this slowly and dying for you, OMGosh!!!

I move between your legs and my fingers circle the edges of your swollen and flushed lips. His abundant, creamy seed spills heavily from your opened pussy and down your sexy ass before pooling on the sheet below. I’m swept away by moment and go down on you. I work my tongue into your cum-filled pussy…licking, lapping, and soothing my Girl before coming up to kiss you. Our eyes are dreamy and filled with the passion and fire of OUR moment. Your tongue flows across my lips as you lick and taste his cum. You tell me his cum taste good as we kiss deeper and more passionately.

Your wetness and his cum coat my shaft as I slip easily inside you. He has opened up my Girl’s tight pussy and I ask the question you know is coming, “Does it feel different?” You are hesitant and that is part of your beauty. You want to protect my masculinity but you also know the size difference turns me on. You hold me close and tell me you love me. I whisper deeply, “Baby, I feel your love in so many ways. Now, love me with the erotic words I want to hear.” You look into my eyes, “Yes baby, it feels very different….your cock is much smaller than his. I can’t feel you like I felt him.”

With these words, I am shaking with excitement and kiss you hungrily. My cock grows even firmer as I begin fucking you deeper and harder. I’ll fuck you and love you like no other man ever will! You are mind-fucking me perfectly as you moan and squeeze my firm little ass, “That’s it baby, fuck me with your little cock…I want the cum of two men inside me!” I feel you clinching tightly around my straining manhood. My eyes are burning white hot with passion’s fire as you press into me. I am fucking and LOVING you with everything that I am. I find OUR place in your pussy—the place that always makes you cum hard—and lock in on it as WE cum as one! Covered in sweat with hearts pounding, we fall into one another…so in Love. From a distance, we hear a voice, “Damn, you guys are so hot and so in love!

Michael – Hope you enjoyed one possible ending to the story. Hope it stayed hot and true to OUR Love and sensuality I Love You, Sienna!

Sienna – I LOVE YOU Michael!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3  This was such a rush for me. I’ve read it over and over again…. It’s exhilarating! Your words and descriptive flow in and out of the scene are so beautifully written!!!  I Love it… I Love how you’ve expressed US and the nature of our connectedness! I LOVE YOU!!!! I feel so excited…like a 16 year-old school girl! I will sleep so comforted in your adoring love tonight!

I too felt the excitement of youth and the exhilaration of budding passion…like we all felt so long ago when the world was young.


I wrote this cuckold vignette to Sienna about 4-5 years ago and believe it still reflects my overarching cuckold fantasy. One of the most striking things to me as I revisit this story is how I layered our sensual connection throughout the story. This isn’t how typical cuckold erotica reads yet it was critical to getting Sienna’s buy-in on the fantasy. Through my story, she saw how it could be hot for US as couple and not just about her and some random man. As you can see from her reaction, it had the intended effect. As a result, the fantasy would now be in play in our relationship as well as the potential for moving from fantasy to reality.

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