Setting the Stage

Sienna were falling hard for one another. Our first night together had been magical but, unfortunately, one night was all we would get. We were now left with managing a long-distance relationship and had been communicating non-stop. We talked a lot about our feelings for one another and our dreams. As I shared (will share) in The First 30 Days, we also explored and talked a lot about our fantasies. It seems were both wanting to get those out and share them with another.

It was with great trepidation that I revealed my fantasy about wanting to watch her with a well-hung black man. I never in a million years imagined it would come up so quickly but it did. She was just so sexually curious and wanted to know my innermost fantasies. I felt so close to her and wanted her to know everything…even my darkest fantasies.

We talked on the phone a lot and texted throughout the days. There were often little fantasy vignettes running in the background that we would move in and out of while talking about other things. One such story was Black and White Spa Fantasy. This was the first time we dipped our toes into the interracial cuckolding fantasy to explore what this fantasy might look like for us as a loving couple. One of things I wanted though was to give her a better sense of how my cuckold fantasy looked…free of back and forth dialogue with her.

I just wanted to lay out a version of my fantasy and get a sense for how it sounded to her and if it was something she might be open to experiencing with me down the road. In other words, did she find it exciting to think about being with a well-hung black man while I watched? If the thought was even mildly arousing to her, I knew over time this desire might burn brighter and lead to it actually happening.

It was early in the evening and I let Sienna know I was going to be sending her a sexy story. I asked that she not read it or react until I was done.

Sienna – Baby!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I feel like a 16yr old 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

I remember this reply so well. We were both so excited and our new love was in full bloom. It truly did feel like the world was young again. Everything was brighter and filled with such color and promise.

Big Black Cock – The First Free Flow

I’m drifting back to the massage room before your orgasm (referencing the Black and White Spa Fantasy)…your sexy bottom is near the end of the table. Your legs are spread with your thighs pushed back against your hips. His arms are hooked under your knees as his hands grip the front of your sexy, tone thighs. He is standing at the foot of the table and working his big black cock slowly and deeply inside your tight, gushing pussy. With each deep penetrations, he holds his depth as you squirm pleasurably from the fullness of his manhood. I am to your side and holding you close…

Sienna – Baby……

Michael – You aren’t supposed to be reading yet. It may take me a while to capture all the thoughts running through my mind!

Sienna – Ok Love!!!!! XO I’ll come back later!!!! I Love You Michael!

Baby, I’m holding you so close and turned on beyond belief! I feel your body moving beneath me as another man fills my Sweetheart so fully. Your eyes are dreamy from the erotic swirl as you look into my eyes while experiencing the intensely pleasurable sensations of his large thick cock. I whisper deeply in your ear, “He feels good doesn’t he?” Your lips are parted and your eyes are glazed with pleasure. I am so turned on as I kiss you deeply and slide one hand under your head and into your long, blonde hair. My heart is pounding out of my chest as I touch your face and continue to kiss you. I feel you moaning on my lips each time he pushes in. It is surreal to be kissing you as you moan with pleasure from another man’s cock. It is my love for you and your pleasure that makes this so hot for me. I ask again,Β “He feels good?” You speak in shortened breaths, “Yes…baby…he’s… fucking me so good…his cock…feels so good!” I moan with pleasure at your reaction and kiss you, “Sienna, I am crazy about you…I Love You.”

I hold you close and WE are lost in our space as he continues to pleasure you. I want you to cum on him…cum on the cock that is fucking you so good…surrender to the sensation and experience this fullness of your sexuality. I am loving and adoring you like never before…wanting you to feel the fullness of your erotic, primal urges. You have all of my love and the purely sexual pleasure of his long, thick black cock. Cum Baby…cum on his manhood! Your back arches as you give yourself to him more fully than before. I can see you letting down your walls and surrendering to the moment. You push against him and savor the sensation of having such a large cock opening you and filling you like never before. At the same time you are grabbing me and holding me like you are fucking me. Our souls are making love as you are being fucked by a long, thick black cock.

You lose control and begin to moan. The heady swirl of sex, passion, and love are all around you as you moan my name while coming all over another man’s cock…Β Your orgasm is long and intense. As it subsides, it becomes clear that he is about to cum. “Baby, I want him to cum inside you. He’s fucked my sexy Girl so good!” Tell him you want his cum deep inside you. Sienna, tell him his cock feels so good…tell him Lover. He is pumping harder and deeper as the scene playing out before him is like nothing he has ever experienced. You look at him, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!!! Your cock feels so good…Fuck me…cum inside me…cum inside me deep…I want to feel you inside me all night! Empty the cum from your big black cock inside my tight little pussy!” This pushes him over the edge.Β You press your hips up and into him so you can feel every inch of this man deep inside! I am here. I grab your face and hair and kiss you deeply as another man shoots is hot creamy load deep inside you.

You lay there shaking in my arms as his orgasm subsides and his softening cock slips from your sweet pussy. I hold you and reassure you before my mouth follows a downward trail to between your legs. I move between your legs and circle the edges of swollen and flushed lips. His cum is abundant and creamy as it spills heavily from your pussy…dripping along your ass and coming to rest in a creamy pool on the sheet below.Β I am swept away by moment and work my tongue into your cum-filled pussy. I would never want another man’s cum on me but there’s something about it being inside you…now part of our experience that beckons me to lick it and scoop it out with my tongue.

Sienna – I’m dying for you! I’m reading this slowly and savoring every moment…OMgosh!!!❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

I lick and please my Girl’s pussy before moving between your legs. Our eyes are dreamy and filled with the passion and fire OUR moment. I bring my lips to yours as lick and taste the cum of another man from my lips. You comment about how good he tastes as we kiss deeper and deeper. As my cock slips inside you,Β I feel your wetness intermingled with his cum as you both coat my shaft. He has opened your pussy up wide and deep. I ask the question you knew was coming. β€œDoes it feel different?” You are hesitant and that is part of your beauty. You hold me close and tell me you love me…

I say to you, “Baby, I feel your love in so many ways…love me with the erotic words I want to hear.” You look into my eyes, “Yes Baby, it feels very different. Your cock is much smaller, and I can’t feel you like I felt him.” I kiss you hungrily and am shaking with excitement. My cock grows harder and firmer as I begin to fuck you deeper and deeper. I am beside myself with arousal and fucking my girl hard, like only I can! You are moaning and coaxing me, pushing me over the edge. “That’s it Baby, fuck me with your little cock!”

At this point you are almost screaming with pleasure…I can feel your pussy contracting around me…you are once again feeling tight around my full cock! I am giving everything to your my LOVE…my darkest fantasies, all of my love! My eyes are blurred with lust as I thrust wildly in the fullness of the erotic swirl. You press into me as we lock in OUR spot and cum so as one. Covered in sweat and shaking, we fall into one another’s arms…so deeply in love. A voice enters our space. The therapists says, “Damn you guys are hot and so in love…amazing! Β The End

How would she react?

Sienna – I LOVE YOU Michael!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3Β This is all such a hot rush for me! I’ve read it over and over again…. It’s exhilarating to me! Your words and the descriptive flow in and out of the scene is so beautifully written!!! I Love it… I Love how you’ve expressed US and the nature of our connectedness! Baby, I will sleep so calm and comforted in your adoring love tonight❀😘❀😘❀😘❀😘❀😘❀😘

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