Setting the Stage

One of the fun projects I am working on is recreating the Sensual Shadows blog I once shared with the lovely Sienna. It was an important part of my journey in terms of love, sexuality, and creative expression. A favorite fantasy we were exploring was our shared desire for her to experience a big black cock. The following story by Sienna represents an important milestone in our budding relationship and her sexual awakening. It was the first time she put “pen to paper” and openly shared a fantasy involving another man.

Black and White – Spa Fantasy (Part I)

I could sense the tension in his lustful strokes along my back. I peek to the side and take in the sight of his strong, dark hands sliding along my body. DeShawn’s skin tone contrasts starkly with my smooth, glistening white skin and causes my pulse to quicken. The easing of muscle tension from my back and shoulders flows into pulsing sensations between my legs. I’m getting turned on as another man – a black man – touches me while you watch.

He commands me to turn over and holds the sheet up as I roll over. As I turn, the sheet settles a little low across my chest and actually drapes below one breast. The other edge of the sheet rests across my nipple. The sensation of the crisp cotton edge against my firm, sensitive nipple makes my nipples so very firm and aching to be touched. He places an eye pillow across my eyes and a pleasing scent of lavender and mint fills my senses. My mind begins to drift with anticipation of what might come next.

I hear him moving around behind me then feel his strong, warm hands on my shoulder. His touch causes my heart to race as his hands move along my neck and shoulders. His hands descend in a strong, sensual motion from my shoulders down to my chest and stop short of my breasts…so careful not to touch me. I arch my chest as if inviting…almost begging him to touch me there.

I hear your voice, “DeShawn, my girl has beautiful breasts right?” “Yes sir, they are.”  Then again your voice fills the room, “They are amazing when you touch them. Her nipples stay so erect and when you take them in your mouth…it makes her pussy so hot and slippery wet. Sienna loves this.”

Michael Muses: Lover, you paint such a dreamy and erotic vibe in this moment.  Even as the possibility of another man pleasing you moves closer, our connection and desire for one another is evident.  You guide me through your fantasy as well in this paragraph.  You are my Girl.  You will allow him to take you but only as a submissive act to please your man.  I am in control of the moment…and your pleasure.

His wants to move his down to touch the perfectly smooth breasts awaiting him… wanting to see if he can invoke the sensation in me that you described. I feel your familiar hand on my bare thigh under the sheet…slowly moving up to my hot sex. You are wondering if the conversation has started to please me.  As your strong hand parts my lips, I feel a gush and then a finger exploring to find my clit enrobed in silky gingery sweetness. My body melts and there is a noticeable sigh coming from DeShawn.

Michael Muses:  As I imagine touching you and discovering your silky wetness, my cock is rock hard knowing you are excited and anticipating the pleasure of another man…

You then instruct Lawrence to please your Girl only by touching my breasts.  He immediately pulls the sheet down to my waist.   He nervously begins to massage my whole breasts sliding around each nipple in a teasing way, then gently pulling each one.  My back arches off the table and a gentle moan of pleasure is heard.  “Baby, do you like that?”  I hear your sexy voice and I reach for your hand.  “No baby, I’m going to watch you feel pleasure.”  As you watch, I want you to feel the excitement of how you will please me and love me deeply, soon!!!

Michael Muses:  Sweetheart, your breasts and nipples are so AMAZING!  The thought of another man seeing and touching your breasts and taking your perfect nipples into his mouth is so hot!  I can see his hands on your full breasts and straining nipples…the arch of your back as he pleases you has my cock dripping with excitement!  I am craving you in my hands and mouth right now!  The fantasy makes me want to take you and fuck you even harder for being such a naughty girl…my Naughty Girl!!! ❤

Lawrence can barely stand it, you can see his pants pushing out around his crotch and the outline of his cock is evident.  To Be Continued… 

Michael Muses:  Baby, this was an exceptionally hot fantasy for you to send me.  At the time you sent this, we had explored this fantasy through some steamy story telling when together and also over the phone.  This story was the first time you had taken on the fantasy alone and shared your stream of thoughts around it.  You pushed so many of my hot buttons and it was a special gift.  I loved that you were by yourself and went through these thoughts…it still turns me on to imagine you getting wet as your thoughts flowed and the story took shape.  Just as it did the first time I read this, my heart is racing tonight as imagine his hands exploring my sexy Girl while I am in the room watching you.  Baby, knowing your body is responding to his touch and that you are aroused is wildly exciting to me!

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