As I kick off the telling of Sensual Shadows, it is important that I ground this story in the deep sense of love Sienna and I felt for one another. Many of the stories we shared were naughty but behind the scenes (and sometimes publicly on the blog) sensuality and love were at our core of relationship. We were without question engulfed in the full power of Romantic Love. The random and loving messages we sent one another throughout our days remain as treasures in my soul and are as special as any naughty adventure we experienced.

I am home and missing my beautiful girl. I savor our memories and enduring dreams of holding her close in my arms…such a soft, perfectly sexy body holding the most precious heart and soul. When I hold her close, I feel the beats of our hearts synchronizing like our thoughts so often do with one another and our bodies. My stiffening cock elicits a moistening of her lips…upper and lower. The rhythm of our love is passion-filled and breathtaking. As I see this image, we experience the majesty of Apollo and the fall of day as the sun surrenders to the night. We slip into the darkness and anticipate the “light” of Dionysus that will illuminate our evening together.

IMAGE: The Golden Gate Park Shoreline Image

Sienna Says – Michael, this image is beautiful. I can feel myself there with you as you move  powerfully inside me. The sea mist softly paints our faces in a dewy glow. The already breathtaking view takes on a new splendor as we not only see but also feel the warm enlightened glow of our united souls. Our beating hearts soon settle into a joint rhythm along our bodies moving and gliding in perfect harmony. I feel the heat of your fire and my body responds. A surge of gushing silken pleasure releases from beneath. My lips are flooded and spilling down between my legs to coat your manhood as our gliding bodies find that most perfect place. ❤️❤️❤️

It is as if Sienna has stepped out of my dreams to walk with me in this physical realm. She is my thoughts constantly and, in a sense, it seems as if she has always been there even as a dream. There are so many places and moments I want to experience with her. I have visions of holding her from behind as she leans back against me to be enveloped in my loving embrace. Her flowing blonde hair dances in the wind while playfully caressing and tickling my face. My hips press into her from behind as my soul burns with a passionate blaze. Our slow sensual dance leading into a romantic evening deep in the loving and erotic haze of sensual shadows.

Sienna Says – I can now and always feel the sunshine of our love ❤️ I have visions of a drive along a sea cliff with the sun glistening above. It pushes through the clouds above and basks us in greater clarity…the clarity of love and understanding. It becomes a beacon of raw penetrating light that reveals the pure and infinite depth and breadth of my love for you. Your fingers slide between mine as the clasp of our hands and interlacing of fingers pull us in deeper. My heart is overflowing in your presence and the recognition of a love so pure and present!❤️🔥❤️🔥😘

How did I meet this lovely soul? You can find the entire story here –  Sensual Shadows.